February 2020 – Monthly Bujo Pages

     Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well. Apologies for the dull light in my planner photos in this post but what can I do – it’s Ireland in winter so good lighting is in short supply!

      But hopefully my spreads themselves will make up for that. I feel I had a theme when I first started drawing out the calendar but I forgot that at some point because my title page and calendar don’t really relate to each other much…

     I can’t remember how I got to drawing out various items related to my hobbies but that’s what my title page ended up as! I did have fun using coloured pencil though on this spread which isn’t something I’ve used in my planner before – markers and watercolours, yes, but never really pencil.

     I mean, they’re not great drawings and everything I drew got smaller as I moved across the page but I still had fun colouring them. I used a planner sticker for the calendar which was very useful – took my a while to draw and colour all those things so saving a bit of time not having to draw out another calendar was nice.

    As for my monthly calendar…

     I typically do vertical calendars in my monthly spreads but for this month I wanted to incorporate this sticker sheet with the days of the week, as I was vibing with the colour, and they fitted this type of layout much better than a vertical one. Also, in terms of drawing out a calendar, this February is the ideal month because it’s 28 days and starts on a Monday, finishing on a Sunday making for 4 full lines of boxes – very satisfying to look at!

     So that’s how my February monthly pages went, I drew a nice calendar and then did a title page with a different theme! My weekly pages definitely line up more with the calendar page though. Doing this spread reminded me how much I love that shade of brown so I used it a lot.

     But how did your bujo spreads go this month, did you manage to stick to a theme, unlike me?


6 thoughts on “February 2020 – Monthly Bujo Pages

  1. Love all of your pages. I’ve used coloured pencil a few times but it sometimes prints on the previous or next page when I use my Muji pen on my daily to dos.

    I used watercolour paint in my bujo last month to do lots of red and pink hearts and then added gold patterns on them using a small brush and the Finetec metallic set.

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    1. Thanks!
      Good to note about using pencils – I didn’t have any issues this time round but I might need to do some tests with my other pens.
      I do love using watercolours in my bujo though. Sounds like you did some nice spreads, those metallic paints are so nice – they just make everything look good they’re so pretty!

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  2. I wish I had the patience to draw BUJO pages. I tried it a while back and I just don’t have the energy to make my own layouts lol. I love how the calendar sticker ties in with your title page.

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