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Yarn WIP Updates: February 2021

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well. I have some blanket updates for you!

     I finally made some progress on my garter stitch blanket…

     I mean, I made some, I didn’t say I made a lot! I knitted a few rows of the pink section…yeah, this is a real slow going WIP! But as a whole, I like how the blanket is going. It’ll get done eventually!

     The main blanket I’m working on is my rainbow one and I made little bit more progress on that…

     Still not a crazy amount but a significant amount at least – you can a lot more colour changes going on this month so hopefully now you can see where I’m going with this blanket and the alternating rainbow gradients. Honestly, does it look good? I can’t tell if it looks good anymore!

     I did have a hiccup with the yarn in this blanket but hopefully it’s not too obvious. So, with this yarn, there’s four threads and the colour change happens one thread at a time so you’ll have 4 of colour A, then 3 of A and 1 of B, 2 of A and 2 of B, 1 A and 3 B, 3 B and 1 C etc. That’s how all the other cakes of this yarn I’ve used worked but one of these cakes got messed up a little in the manufacturing so instead of going from 2 purple and 2 blue to 1 purple and 3 blue, it went from 2 purple and 2 blue to 1 purple, 2 blue and 1 green. Basically, instead of an extra blue thread coming in, the green came in a colour change early so there isn’t as strong a blue section as there should be.

     Thankfully the colour change was only messed up for that one section but still, a bit annoying that it was there when working on a project like this because now this end won’t match the other end.

     But that’s it for my yarn WIP updates this month. I’ve not really done a lot of crochet or knitting this month…I made some other stuff this month but my blankets haven’t had a whole lot of attention. But of the progress I did make, what do you think…I mean, the progress was mostly on the rainbow blanket so what do you think of it? Can you notice the colour section I was rambling about? 


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