Bujo Pages: Snail Mail

     Hello everyone! How are you today?

     Have some more bujo pages for you from my set up stage at the start of the year. These pages are a new addition to my yearly set up – some incoming and outgoing snail mail tracking sections.

     In the past I always tracked my incoming and outgoing mail in the monthly sections of by bullet journal but sometimes it was hard to figure out when the last time I sent someone a letter was because I’d have to go through all the months and see. Hopefully having all the incoming and outgoing mail stuff together on these pages will help me keep track of things easier and I’ll just transfer the reply list from month to month.

     I do have a whole extra page too just for the Christmas card list in December and also, you might notice that October has a slightly bigger section than the other months because that’s always a busy snail mail month for me with all the birthday cards I need to send out!

     But that’s how I’m tracking my snail mail this year. Obviously not everyone who uses a bullet journal is also sending so much mail that they need to keep track of it but if you are also a snail mailer, do you track your mail in any way and if so, how do you go about that?


2 thoughts on “Bujo Pages: Snail Mail

  1. I do not have a snail mail tracker on my bujo but if ever I got the chance to have a pen pal or something related to snail mails, I would definitely use this spread. Yours is a brilliant idea. Thank you for your post. ❤️

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