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Quick Papercrafts: Mother’s Day

     Hello everyone – how’s it going?

     You know, I figured that instead of posting anything about Mother’s Day in March either in the lead up to or days following the day as it is celebrated in the UK and Ireland, or even in May when I believe American’s celebrate the day, why not write the blog post for April when absolutely no one celebrates it! That’s me and my well timed blog schedule for you!

     Well, not that I did anything crazy craft wise for Mother’s Day. I happened to buy my mum some of the Colourpop Animal Crossing eyeshadow palettes (oh were they cute!) and I was going to make some elaborate box to make up for the tiny sized palettes but as the day approached I just wasn’t feeling that motivated craft wise so I ended up simply wrapping them in paper and hoping it all looked good.

     At least because the items themselves were so small I was able to use pretty papers from my card making stash instead of wrapping paper (which boy am I running low on because of the pandemic and not being able to easily buy more!). I had this gorgeous floral set of papers and die cuts that I’ve had sitting around for a few years and I think just laying some of the die cuts around the wrapped boxes was pretty effective if I do say so myself.

    As for the card…oh was that a hazardous, slapdash make! Seriously – I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I was making it, I just kept grabbing pieces, sticking them together and then figuring out what was going on from there! Somehow in the end I ended up with this gatefold shape and literally the only decorating on the outside was the belly band!

     Can’t say that was my best card making session but at least it fit the aesthetic of the rest because I used the same paper and die cut pack. Moral of that story is use the one paper pack and you can be a lot lazier with your makes because they’ll at least look somewhat cohesive. Is that a terrible moral? I really need to get back into the swing of paper crafts…I have just under a month until my mum’s birthday –  here’s hoping I can do better next time!


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