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Mini Painting: Quick Storage Solution

     Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well today. I Just a quick post for you today dealing with some quick storage solutions for minis as I found myself in need of some way of storing finished minis.

     Step 1: find a box lying around. I opted for this Critical Role jigsaw box. If you’re wondering where the jigsaw is – I framed it for some wall art once I’d finished it.

     Step 2: stick some magnetic tape to the bottom of the box. I ended up supergluing the tape because the adhesive on magnetic tape is usually terrible.

     Step 3: superglue some tiny magnets to the bottom of the mini base. (Optional – hold box upside down to check that magnets work!)

      That’s it! I know, not a very interesting post today and not very relevant to most people but content is content and even if you didn’t care for this post, I hope you’re having a lovely day regardless. 

2 thoughts on “Mini Painting: Quick Storage Solution

  1. I’ve always liked the concept of framing jigsaw puzzles. I wanted to frame one of mine but never did get a frame for it. One day, I plan on framing some for the art aesthetic. I think they’re super cool!

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    1. Puzzles can have some really nice artwork so why not make use of it after all those hours of putting it together!
      Although finding a 50x70cm frame for this one was kinda tricky in lockdown times – feel like all the normal places I would have just walked in and found something have absolutely terrible websites for online shopping!


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