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April 2021: Yarn WIPs

     Happy Monday everyone. How’s your crafting life at the moment?

     I don’t know about you but I’ve found it very hard to motivate myself this month when it comes to crafting, including yarn crafts and I normally have no issues there. I finished a crochet blanket earlier in the month and crocheted something else I might post about next week but since finishing those two projects I’ve been having a hard time picking up any of my current WIPS or starting something new.

     I don’t even have any crochet WIPs at the moment! My current works in progress include a hat that I’ve knitted a few rows of and a blanket I’ve knitted a few rows of – really not the most interesting progress to show you!

     I have made some weaving progress though – I got my loom out and got a bit more done of the piece I warped up at the start of the year.

     But that’s it for my current projects…and it’s been at least a week since I picked any of those up – my progress is very slow going at the moment. How’s your motivation? What are you currently working on? 

10 thoughts on “April 2021: Yarn WIPs

  1. I love the colours you picked for the garter squish. *_*

    And hey, there’s nothing wrong with not crafting for a bit if you think you’re burned out. I struggle with motivation sometimes and it’s hard to know when it’s depression versus just needing a break, but sometimes you just need to not do anything at all for a bit. And you have been painting those adorable kitties, which I’d consider crafting, so maybe you just need a break from yarncraft for a bit? I went a couple of years without crocheting a damn thing (or knitting, but I don’t think I’d learned that yet so it doesn’t count lol) and then picked up right where I left off. I felt guilty for a bit, like I’d bought all these hooks and all this yarn and it was just going to waste, but I do eventually go back to hobbies I’ve dropped so I learned not to feel bad about it.

    BTW, both of those WIPs look like way more than “a few rows”. 😛

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    1. True – think I need to stop stressing out about my yarn crafts for bit. I’ve not neglected crafting altogether, just focusing on other areas. I am having a lot of fun painting d&d miniatures.
      I do feel like depression is a little to blame for the lack of motivation at the moment. I’m just tired all the time too. Hoping that sometime soon Ireland will open up a little and I can see people and go places and that that’ll help pick me mood up.

      (but seriously, that blanket has just been sitting around for so many months now! Gonna have to do more than 5 rows a month if I ever want to finish it!)

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    2. Bahahaha. Let’s not talk about hibernating WIPs, shall we? 😅

      As long as you’re having fun with something, I wouldn’t worry too much about abandoning yarn craft for a bit, like I said. If you find yourself unmotivated to do anything at all is when it’s time to worry, I find, and to try and poke yourself into getting something done. I think creative folk just aren’t built to do the same thing day in and day out so switching up your hobbies is probably good for you.

      I’m sorry you’re struggling with lockdown, though. *hugs*

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    3. Let’s leave them hibernating for another bit longer 😀

      Yeah, lockdown really just been dragging on and the vaccine roll out here has been a bit of a shambles. My dad (aged 64) was only just able to register for the vaccine list (not to get it, to be on the list to be contacted sometime for it) so it’s gonna be quite a while before I get it and can feel comfortable going places.


    4. Ergh, that sucks 😦 *hugsquish*

      I had a real actual convo with my dad on Friday for the first time in months because we’re both vaccinated now (him for being ooooooold (71) and me for being vulnerable) and it’s honestly… I hadn’t realised how much it was affecting me? Like, I’m very introverted, I’d much rather be alone than spend time around other people normally, and I’ve been joking that my 4x daily care visits are more than enough social contact, but then the relief when I realised I could actually talk with my dad instead of yelling at him through the window or talking through masks?

      I really really hope you get yours soon. Like, I know it’s not perfect (90% effective with the second/booster) and the world won’t go back to normal any time soon, but just knowing we’re headed in that direction is bound to make you feel better about all the lockdown crap. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys!

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    5. That’s great that you were able to do that!
      I totally get you. I’m very much an introvert too and don’t need a a crazy amount of people time. I live with my parents so I see them and then there’s neighbours around so seeing a friend in person once every week or two is enough for me but I’ve not been able to do that and it’s definitely been getting to me.
      I can’t wait till I can just do that simple thing again – meet up with a friend and not have to worry about mask wearing and keeping 2m apart as much as possible.

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    6. Hopefully it’ll be soon! Although I worry that we’re all just going to glomp onto the vaccine and stop being careful too soon. I’ve probably been overly cautious, but I worry about KitKat (because cats can get it too) as much as myself, and my carers visit other elderly/vulnerable folk, and I just don’t want to be responsible for someone else getting sick (not to mention I really, really don’t want it lol). I’ll be glad to start easing up on restrictions, though.

      My sister’s family will be vaccinated soon so she’s talking about coming to visit. It’s been so long that I warned her we should probably keep it to about an hour because I already get claustrophobic around people and I’m worried lockdown will have made me even less able to handle “crowding”. (I put that in quotes because it’s less about lots of people and more about personal space. My niblings like to climb all over me and sit on the bed with me. They’re pretty good about backing off if I tell them I need a minute, but I’d still rather ease back into the visits. Plus, my bedroom isn’t roomy enough for 2m distancing with the whole family in here, so they might even have to take it in turns!)

      I hope you all get your vaccinations soon and can start socialising again!

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    7. Yeah, I do worry about when I start going out and socialising a bit that I’m going to struggle with ‘crowds’. To be honest, I’m just so used to it being me, my mum and my dad that if there’s more than 3 people involved in a conversation I have a really hard time keeping track of what’s going on. I understand the need for personal space though – best to ease back into everything than rush and feel overwhelmed immediately.


  2. Wow, doing the loom project looks complicated, and you’re doing really well with it! 🙂 I was learning how to strum the guitar properly using a pick, but I too have set that aside for a few days 🤗 Your hat and blanket look like they’re going to be real warm!

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    1. Thanks! The rigid heddle loom looks complicated but once you start using it it’s really easy and very relaxing moving the shuttle back and forth.
      Real warm hat and blanket – just in time for summer (always on time with my makes here :D)
      Good luck with your guitar practice! Wish I could play an instrument but I really have no ear for music!

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