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Birthday Cards and Boxes

     Hello everyone, how’s it going?

     So, boxes. Boxes and cards. It’s not too often that I get much paper crafting done these days but I decided to make up for this earlier this month for my mum’s birthday by not making one card from all the family, but 4 cards so that me, my sisters and my dad could all give her a separate card. And also, I made a box for the makeup brush that my sister got her.

     Oh, that box. That box took me so many attempts to make and not because it was a difficult box to make but because I just could not stop making silly mistakes with my cutting and score marks. I had originally intended to take pictures of the step by step process so I could make a tutorial of sorts on how to make it but that went out the window after I messed up the third card sheet! But ultimately, I got the right box dimensions (and promptly lost them) and it came out nicely.

     Onto the cards now, as I said, I made four of them. I went for quantity over quality.

     The watercolour flower one is a go to quick design for me – it’s just a beautiful thin lined stamp that looks great when stamped over watercolour or with watercolour added on top. The black one is pretty darn basic and just designed to match the box. The cake one was me trying to use some food themed stamps for a baking themed card  to match the recipe book that was the gift. The herb one is a piece of patterned paper covered by a sheet of clear acetate with the same herb pattern in gold, again loosely match the gift (another cook book).

     Actually that was a fun one – getting the acetate sheet to line up with the paper, worked out quite well and is fun to hold at different angels to see the shiny gold.

      So that was my latest card making session. I probably have one or two cards to make over the next few months for things like father’s day and my dad’s birthday but I imagine the next big card making session I’ll have will be for October when apparently 90% of the people I know have birthdays. So I guess enjoy these not the greatest cards because it could be a while before I get around to posting some more.


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