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My Finished Object Stash

     Hello everyone, how’s it going?

     So, rather than show you some recently finished objects today (because I don’t have any to show you…), I thought it was about time that I took a peak into my finished objects stash and took stock of what I actually have in there.

    I make a lot of stuff but I don’t make a lot of stuff for myself so what happens is most of it is labelled as ‘future gift…for someone…’ and goes in the stash – only I never seem to actually gift the stuff so my stash has been building up quite a bit!

     Hats – I knit and crochet a lot of hats it turns out, I guess because they don’t use a whole lot of yarn and are relatively easy to make. Also, there were a lot of hat patterns in the Crochet Society box I used to get. At the moment there are four hats in the stash (but that’s going to increase because I have a few I plan to make to use up yarn). There’s a red and grey hat from Crochet Society yarn, the Stout Hat, a knitted hat from some cheap yarn kit from Flying Tiger and a green and cream hat I made using some leftover hand dyed and undyed yarn I needed to use up.

      I also have a few pairs of gloves. The red and grey ones were quick makes using leftover yarn to match the hat and the other two pairs are versions of my own patterns: Granny Dragon Gloves and Stars in a Row Gloves.

    And also, there’s a bag that I’m calling an FO even though it’s not lined and it should be because it’ll just stretch otherwise but I know I’m never going to get around to doing that.

     Moving onto some of the bigger projects, I have a scarf made from a Crochet Society yarn and pattern and a mini shawl using some really nice hand dyed yarn. And then we get to the blankets – I just make blankets with no intended recipients it turns out which I probably should start thinking about because it’s not like blankets are quick to make…

     And that’s the current state of my FO stash. What do you think of my stash? Have a favourite project from it? I was surprised at first that I have no amigurumi projects in there but I guess I’ve just been making many teddies this last year or two so when I do make something it tends to just go straight out rather than go into stash. Might have to change that – a few teddies on hand is useful for surprise gifts…not that I remember or have people to give gifts, as we’ve established with this post!


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