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August 2021 – Knitting and Crochet WIPs

      Hello everyone! How’s it going?

     I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to do this post this month because I didn’t actually have any WIPs I’d worked on this month (thanks do a destructive kitten I introduced you to in the last post) but towards the end of August I managed to sneak in some yarn time when Vivi was either asleep or distracted and I got a little bit done. Not much, but something at least to satisfy my need to make.

     I doesn’t really look any different to whenever I last showed you this WIP but I think I got about 2-3cm knitted on this beanie that I feel like I’ve been knitting for years now (I think I started in in February but still…). 

     I’m getting close to finishing it. Close.

     I also got some of my garter stitch blanket knitted. I was able to finish off the dusky rose colour and start in the darker shade which I got 4 rows knitted in. Just 40 more to go there, then on to the final colour for 44 more mores…and then to crochet the border…yeah this blanket has taken forever!

     Apologies for the terrible pictures of my WIPs this month – as you can see, it’s a little tricky trying to take photos of stuff with a kitten around!

     What have you been working on recently?


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