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September Yarn WIPs update

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well. How’s autumn going for you?

     So I started knitting some socks. I say started knitting some socks but really, I started knitting a tube that once it’s long enough, I’m going to try figure out how to add cuffs, heels and toes after the fact. Like if you were to knit a tub using a sock machine and turn that into the sock except I’m knitting the tube by hand because I discovered that sock machines cost at least €1500….I’m not bitter about that at all…

     But as for the sock, at the moment I’m using up all my Hook and Light yarn leftover from my 2020 advent calendar (the yarn I used to make a part of my advent blanket). It looks pretty cohesive at the moment because there’s a lot of different shades of yellow but I’m getting on to some of the other colours now and after that I might switch to my leftover Sionnach Yarns advent yarns. It’ll be a real mismash of colours at the end I imagine.

     But in terms of crochet, I started another blanket! A Tunisian crochet blanket. This’ll be my first Tunisian crochet project and I’ve not made things that easy for myself because it is a pretty large project and I’m holding two yarns together that make it a little more fiddly. 

     I’m holding a colour changing yarn with the grey so I can’t wait to get to some of those changes, although I think I may have started by chaining too many stitches. When I get back to this project I’m going to have to measure what I’ve done and weigh the yarn to try see how this go or if I need to rip back and start again.

     But back to knitting, I have made some more progress on the garter stripe blanket. I’m half way through the last colour stripe! Then it’s just the cream border to do which I think I might crochet. 

     I’m really hoping to be finished with this blanket by the end of October because I would like to focus on some other blanket projects and I need the basket this is being stored in for those!

    So those are the projects I worked on in September. What about you, what have you been working on?


8 thoughts on “September Yarn WIPs update

  1. Stop me if you know this already, but there’s a technique in sock knitting called afterthought heel. That’s probably what you want to look at. I imagine toes/cuffs will be a lot easier because you can just knit one at the end you cast off, then pick up the stitches at the other end to knit the other.

    I love the yellow and the pink yarns. ❤

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    1. Thank you! I remembered vaguely watching a video where someone knitted the heels in after but couldn’t remember what the technique was called so didn’t know what to search for. Yeah, that’s what I plan on doing. Eventually…whenever this tube gets finished 😀

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    2. Oh GOD yes. I doubled some up for my last project and it’s still taking forever. Whyyyy do so many dyers only offer 4ply? 😂

      (It’s not helped by useless painful hands so I can’t really do much right now anyway. Just in time that I’m panicking about getting my Christmas gifts done on time! 😅)

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    3. I’ll have to make a point of dying a few skeins of chunky yarn…and maybe make a pattern to go with them. I know I never really know what to make with a single skein of chunky or aran yarn.

      (uuuh, Christmas gifts – don’t even want to think about those and how they’re not getting gone!)

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      I’ve normally got everything finished by the end of October, and wrapped by the end of November so I can enjoy Christmas at a pace my ME/Fibro can handle. I JUST finished the niblings’ main gifts yesterday but there’s a secondary gift I wanted to make that I don’t think I’ll manage, and I’m really pushing it on my Dad’s. (Doesn’t help that I always find something new to make later in the year when I’ve pretty much planned everything already and somehow have to find a way to squeeze it in to my limited energy/pain-management “allowance”. Or that I start out thinking “sure a hat and scarf is a great gift” and then closer to Christmas think “but it’s not enouuuuuughhhhh”. 😅)

      I have a few hat patterns I love for chunky yarns (sidewinder and whirl stream by aspen leaf knits especially), although I also like knitting plain ol’ stockinette hats on Malabrigo Rasta just for a project that works up in a couple of days (because most of mine take forever bc of my hands lol) without much thinking required.

      I just bought some chunky yarn from Hobbycraft (Women’s Institute) because I was buying from there already and I’m incapable of NOT treating myself. I’ve already got four cardigan WIPs but I’ve decided I’m going to add another. Because why not. (In my defence, this is chunky yarn instead of fingering, DK or aran, so I’m hoping I can work up something a bit quicker to keep me interested. Assuming I ever finish my bloody Christmas gifts 😂)

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with yarn and pattern wise! I love me some hand-dyed yarn but yeah, fingering is problematic in more ways than one so it will be nice to have something a bit easier to play with. 😀

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    5. 11 weeks! Where the fuck has 2021 gone!
      Ah, I’m normally so organised but this year I’ve had so many mental health issues that have really impacted my creativity and I’ve not even thought about a design for the christmas cards I need to make, let alone made any gifts. I guess everyone is getting store bought stuff this year from me.

      Haha, well, what better time to start another WIP than when you’ve already got too many on the go! Honestly, making cardigans out of chunky yarn is the only way to go – you’d never get anything else done if you tried making a 4ply one!

      Yeah, definitely going to have to work on some chunky and aran weight patterns. It’s tricky, especially with crochet seeing as it takes up more yarn so you can’t do as much with a single skein. I’m not great at coming up with my own designs so it’ll take a while but I’ll let you know when I do! And when I get to buy some chunky yarn to dye

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