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A Bevy of Rainbow Makes

     Hello everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well today.

     If you’re not, maybe this post can help brighten it? I mean, it is full of very colourful rainbows.

     So, sometime back in September of last year (I think anyway) I was planning a blanket project but I wasn’t sure what yarn I wanted to use so I ended up buying two different type. One of those yarns was a pack of cotton which I decided on getting not to use in the blanket project and which left me with a lot of cotton yarn I didn’t know what to do with.

     Queue a series of small rainbow makes as I ty think of anything to use this yarn on.

      The yarn in question used for all of these makes is one of the Hobbii brand packs of Rainbow Cotton 8/4 yarn which is a super fine weight yarn. I can’t find the exact same colour pack I used but here’s a similar one. They’re great value packs of cotton yarn, nice to work with and the packs come in different weight cotton so if you prefer DK weight you can get that too – would recommend!

     Anyway, the first thing I decided to make was a set of face scrubbies for my sister. These were originally going to be a birthday present (so early November) but I ended up giving these as a Christmas present instead.

     They’re double sided so I made two different circles (hoping the different textures feel different to use) and crocheted them together to make a finger pocket for holding them. They’re really simple to make and use up very little yarn but it’s satisfying when you see a big stack of them in different colours. I keep meaning to write up a pattern for them…I’ll get to it eventually.

     The second thing I made was this rainbow wall hanging piece. I did find a pattern on Ravelry for it but I forgot to save it and forgot to go look it up again before writing this post so sorry I can’t link to it, but it wasn’t a very difficult make – you crochet a semi circle (or slightly more of half a circle) and attach it to the inside of an embroidery hoop, adding fringe along the bottom. The real time consuming part was wrapping white yarn all around the hoop I was using because I decided that I wanted that to be white but didn’t want to paint it. Painting it might have been easier.

     Now, while making those other things, I kept having an issue with my yarn getting stolen from my yarn basket – see, turns out the kitten I got is a kleptomaniac, when it comes to yarn at least. I thought I should crochet something for her using the yarn seeing as you liked it so much so I made a rainbow snake for her.

     Turns out she wasn’t interested in something made for her using the yarn and really just liked stealing it from my basket.

      Back to makes for humans though and the last one for this post (but not the last of my rainbow makes because I still have a lot of yarn left), I made a dishcloth for my mum.

     I say something else that used a mitred corner in the design and was inspired by that to make this dishcloth.

     (Actually, I did write up the mitred rainbow dishcloth as a pattern over on Ravelry. You can find that here if you’re interested – it’s free! Just to let you know…)

     So yeah, lots of small rainbow makes were happening late October/early November for me. And yet, I still have quite a bit of cotton yarn left in these colours. Suggestions for more small rainbow makes anyone?


4 thoughts on “A Bevy of Rainbow Makes

    1. Thanks! Definitely need to get on that pattern! Thankfully they’re pretty easy to make seeing as they’re just two circles crocheted together two thirds of the way round. I love that they use so little yarn

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! That one was fun to make because it’s not the kind of thing I typically make.
      And yeah, my kitten is a right klepto – loses interest if you just let her have the yarn and mostly loves to steal it!

      Liked by 1 person

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