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Birthday Cards: Watercolour Candles, Stamped Skulls and Crocheted Ducks

     Hello everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

     So, cardmaking. Probably one of my most common crafting posts when I started this blog but now, it’s not something I do too often even though I love it.

     I definitely need to start making more cards though as I seem to regularly find myself with a shortage of things like birthday cards these days and I really need to fix that! I tried to late last year by making a bunch of quick watercolour cards for my stash so here’s a look at those.

     These were really quick cards to make to fill out my card pile. I simply got a flat brush, picked some colours I like, painted some lines on the paper and drew some flames in with a pen when that had tried. I think it makes for an effective minimalistic birthday card when you need something generic as you don’t know who you’ll be giving it to. What do you think?

     I still do like making more personalised cards though. Take this skull one for example, which I made for my mum to give to my sister.

     I made it pretty quickly (was in a bit of a rush) but actually ended up using a number of different stamping techniques I hadn’t used in a while and it was fun. There was a bit of masking involved in stamping the candle over the skull, stamping the candle parts in different colours and even blending some inks on the same stamp to try make a gradient (it kind of worked). I don’t tend to make cards like this that use lots of different techniques very often and I always forget how fun they can be (when they work out that is).

     And then some of my birthday ‘cards’ come in the form of just writing happy birthday on a tag and sticking that around a crochet duck I’ve crocheted…

     I mean, a bit random but I did make the tag and it does say happy birthday and that’s my justification for putting those photos in this post which has been a bit all over the place I admit and I’m not sure entirely how to end it now as it’s essentially just amounted to me saying ‘making birthday cards is a thing I did’…

     So yeah, I made some birthday cards (and crocheted a duck) at some point late last year and I hope you enjoyed seeing them!


8 thoughts on “Birthday Cards: Watercolour Candles, Stamped Skulls and Crocheted Ducks

  1. The skull card is awesome. Idk how you did that with the stamps but it’s magical. I love it and I’m not even a skull person haha 💀

    The duck would make a cute gift for a baby. When my daughter was born, my husband’s friend crocheted a mouse for her. Out of all of the gifts my daughter received, it was the most memorable one 🙂

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    1. Haha, thanks! Feel like it was a bit of luck and that I’m definitely going to have to try that gradient stamping again to make sure it wasn’t just beginners luck!
      The duck would definitely make a lovely baby gift – I think crochet amigurumi pieces make great baby gifts. And I’m not just saying that because amigurumi is so much quicker to crochet than baby blankets 😀

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    2. My friend crocheted my newborn (he’s 8 months now!) a baby blanket and she said it was so hard but she was determined to finish it. Blankets and cute crocheted animals make wonderful gifts, and the babies really do like them 😊💕

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  2. Love the gradient design! It turned out really well and the duck is cute too. I hadn’t actually thought that if didn’t have a card to hand a tag would do so that actually is a handy pointer! 😂 I got stamps Summer last year and only just got around to ordering some ink, just black so no gradients here but wishing I’d got an extra now to test it out, could see myself getting very annoyed if it didn’t go my way tho! 🤣

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    1. Thanks!
      Haha, yeah, I think tags count – especially because sometimes the tags I make are more elaborate than the cards (I swear I don’t always just write happy birthday in very messy writing on a plain tags! :D)
      I’m going to have to play around with gradient stamping again and see if I can do it again. You know, check it wasn’t just a fluke that one time! 😀 I’d say with stamping a gradient, I did use one of those stamping tools so you can stamp repeatedly in the same area and that probably helped because even when just stamping with one colour I tend to stamp lightly multiple times to get good coverage rather than once heavily.

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    2. Haha 🤣. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations! ✨ Yeah actually, I should still give it a go with the one shade of ink. It arrived in the post the other day so I’m very excited to try it out 😆

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