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The Socks of Christmas 2021

     Hello again everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well and happy weekend! Got any plans?

     So, the socks of Christmas – what does that mean? Well, it means I made way too many pairs of socks in November/December for Christmas presents!

    They were all slipper socks crocheted with aran weight yarn so it’s not as crazy as if I was using 4ply sock yarn but still, it was a lot of socks!

Crochet Society Box 16 Slipper Socks (4)     So I ended up making a pair for my twin, a pair for my older sister, a pair for my friend and had some yarn leftover so I made a pair for my mum. It was a lot! I used the same pattern for all the socks and it’s a quick enough one. I’d made it once before for myself as the pattern and yarn came in a Crochet Society box. It’s not too difficult and as it uses aran weight yarn works up fairly quickly…especially when you’re on your fourth pair!

     I made one pair of the grey socks, two pairs of the brown socks and the final pair that I made for my mum were a complete mishmash of all those four yarns as I pieced together the small leftover amounts to finish a pair.

     Oh, the yarn I used was all Stylecraft Special Aran in case you were wondering.

     So yeah, I made a lot of socks for Christmas presents but thankfully with slipper socks you don’t need to be precise with sizing. Next time I’m going to have to actually make a pair for myself…


4 thoughts on “The Socks of Christmas 2021

    1. Haha, they really are once you get into the swing of things. And also use aran yarn because oh does thicker yarn speed things up! Using sock yarn at the moment to knit some socks and it’s taking forever again 😀


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