Planner Sticker Haul

     Hello everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

     So with the change from a notebook bujo to Hobonichi planner, it’s been a good chance for me to switch up my planning style and decorative style. I use to love using planner stickers back when I used a Filofax and I really wired my way through planner stickers then (can’t deny it got a bit expensive!). I kinda dropped the planner stickers though when I made the switch to bullet journaling, favouring using markers and paints to decorate my spreads (if I even bothered).

     Now that I’m back to a more standard dated planner though, I find myself wanting to use stickers, sticky notes and washi tapes a lot more to decorate the space on the daily pages that I don’t use. I had some planner stickers in my stash thanks to friends sending me some but I needed to bulk out my collection a bit so over Christmas I made an order and splurged on quite a few planner stickers. They’re all from the one shop (Jellyfish Stickers on Etsy) but considering how many sheets of stickers I got, I figured it best to stop at one shop for the time being but there really are a lot of great sticker shops on Etsy!

     I tried to get a good variety of sticker themes seeing as I don’t know quite what I’ll be using most and even a few weeks in to using my Hobonichi, I’m still working on how best to use it for planning but I’m pretty happy with the selection of stickers I got which include things like some small decorative plants that could go anywhere alongside some bigger sticks like the sloth or Japanese women. (Apologies all these close up photos are so blue – the light was really not working with my when I took these photos and I didn’t have time to edit the colour balance)

     I also decided to get one of the Oops Sticker Grab Bags out of curiosity – these were bags of stickers featuring 10 sticker sheets with cutting mistakes. Obviously when you get one of these bags, you’re getting imperfect stickers and not everything will be useable but they can still be good value. I like the variety of the sheets I got. With these, sometimes the stickers seem perfectly fine and most if not all the sheet is useable while others have much more severe cutting alignment issues (you can see that on the deer sticker). I’ve used I few of these sticker sheets already for decorating pages in my planner and I’ve gotten a good amount of usable stickers for the price I paid so I think it was worth it.

     So yeah, really happy with this sticker purchase and I’d definitely buy from this Etsy shop again as they have a really great selection of stickers. I’d love to know about any other sticker shops you’d recommend (they don’t just have to be on Etsy) if you enjoy decorating with planner stickers too, or any shops that sell nice washi tapes.


3 thoughts on “Planner Sticker Haul

    1. I keep looking at The Washi Tape Shop and really want to make an order but I have to be careful about that because I’ll probably get caught for customs charges when I do. But there’s so many things I want on there!


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