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Some January Headwear Makes

     Hello everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well!

     As the title says – just got some headwear makes to show you this post, a hat and a headband, so let’s get to it! First up, this hat.

     This hat didn’t exactly go to plan. First off, I started it on a 2×1 rib which is one of my favourite knit rib ratios to do because I like how it looks when it stretches out on the head but it doesn’t exactly lend itself to nice decreases. Usually I would just knit a tube, cinch it in at the top and add a pompom to hide some of that bulk. I wanted to make this a slouchy beanie without a pompom though so I tried to do decreases in this one. It didn’t really work. Eventually I had done enough decreases that it was a 1×1 rib and from there I started to just knit all around, instead of knits and purls but turns out that that drastically changes the size of my stitches – it looks like I went down several needle sizes but nope, just knitted all around instead of alternating knits and purls for a rib. Also, I knitted it too short so it’s not slouchy.

     So many fails with that hat.

     My crochet headband was much more of a success.

     I had gotten one ball of this yarn on Hobbii as I was curious about how it would feel and be like to work with but there’s not a whole lot you can make with a 50g ball of shiney yarn like this so but I eventually remembered that headbands are thing so decided to try make one with that common twist. Turns out it’s a lot easier than it looks! Might make headbands more of a go to from now on when I have some yarn leftover I want to use up.

     So those are some of my makes from this month. Successes and fails but you know, it’s important to show failed makes I think so we can all learn from them (in this case, just keep knitting and add a pompom at the end). What have you been making this month?


4 thoughts on “Some January Headwear Makes

    1. Thanks! It is a very nice looking yarn – although not friendly to any mistakes, kept getting stuck on itself when I had to rib back a few stitches.

      Ah, reminds me I have a few doll patterns I’ve been meaning to make but also that I’m out of stuffing and need to get some more.

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    2. Yarn that is not forgiving. Yikes. Well I can relate I’ve been making Keychains lately from shrink charms and I’m out of key rings, jump rings, and almost outta resin.
      Sounds like it’s time for both of us to be going craft shopping soon!

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