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Yarn Organisation

     I’ve done some yarn storage and organisation posts on the blog before so some long term readers may remember what my yarn storage situation is like. Basically, I limited myself to two drawers for my yarn and…well, that was it – there was sort of a divide of hand dyed and wool yarns in one drawer, commercial, acrylic yarns in another but basically, if I got yarn, it had to fit in one of these drawers.

     But last year I got a new bed, one with a drawer in the base. And you know what I put that extra space to use for.

     Yarn storage of course, although an absolute mess of a storage spot it quickly became with lots of yarn tossed in there, some bags of yarn, bags with WIPs and some made scarves and shawls.

     It was getting to the point where I was having trouble finding anything in it so I decided to finally tidy and organise it, with the help of lots of plastic storage boxes!

     Because everything is tidier with if you just dump it in a plastic box.

     I started by bagging up a few WIPs that I’ll get back to at some point and the various scrap blankets I occasionally work on and putting all those in the biggest plastic container which went on the left. On the right I put some smaller boxes and have put some amigurumi WIPs in one, cake yarns in another and the last for 4ply cotton yarns.

     The drawer is quite deep so those containers push further in leaving loads of space in front of them for more baskets and here I’ve added three more baskets all for DK cotton yarn (one for browns, one greys and one for colours).

     This will make finding the colours I need for amigurumi much easier! On the front space on the left I currently have a few super chunky blanket yarns which take up quite a bit of space but they wont be there for too long hopefully and then I’ll have a bit of space for storing some scarves and shawls.

     So yeah, I guess I could physically fit a lot more yarn in this drawer if I didn’t have the baskets but I’d rather be able to actually see the yarn I have so I can use it! The other two drawers are still in use too and those are the same as always. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this drawer in order!

     What about you, what’s your yarn storage/organisation like? Curious to know how others handle there stash.

4 thoughts on “Yarn Organisation

  1. That organisation looks very satisfying. I use to keep on top of my stash when it was just commercial yarn – yarn for knitting in boxes and weaving yarn in some old suitcases, but since I’ve been spinning it’s become a wool explosion! I try to keep my sacks of washed fleece reasonably organised, but my handspun yarn ends up everywhere! From where I’m sitting I can see a pile of skeins draped over a chair waiting to be washed to set the twist and several finished balls of wool waiting to be put away (often when I wash fleece the bath gets taken over too!!).

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    1. It is so easy for yarn to take over like that though! When I was dyeing yarn I’d have skeins everywhere (and yeah, the bath got taken over with a clothes horse so I could let the yarn dry). I can’t just leave balls of yarn everywhere anymore though since I got my kitten (soon to be turning 1 so no longer a kitten I guess). She’s an absolute thief and if I leave yarn somewhere she’ll probably rob it so now all of my projects have to be put away in a project bag when I’m not working on them.


  2. It’s one of those things you have to keep on top of isn’t it? My ridiculous yarn stash is sorted by colour in plastic crates, stacked in a group which gets called The Wall of Wool!

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