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Crochet Bag (I even lined it!)

     Been a while since I posted – took a few weeks break there entirely unplanned just because I couldn’t be bothered writing anything – but I’m back today because I do actually have some things I’ve made that I’d like to show off!

     Like this bag that I crocheted for my mum for mother’s day back in March.

     This was a project that had been on my list for quite a while. I can’t remember when I bought those bag handles but I feel like it was definitely pre-pandemic, and I want to say I first discussed the colour scheme with my mum back in 2019 when I got a set of yarn pegs with samples of all the Stylecraft Special colours (side note – investing in a set of yarn pegs like that is a great idea if you want to try be more adventurous playing around with colour).

     I finally decided to get this project done this year though because I wanted to put those handles to use. I was originally going to use Stylecraft Special yarn to crochet a bunch of granny squares to make up the bag but I was buying lots of cotton yarn on Hobbii a few months back and thought why not try to make the bag out of that. Somewhere along the line I also got the urge to crochet the spike stitch (I think I saw it in one of my amigurumi books actually). So yeah, I picked out the order I wanted the stripes in, played around with whether I wanted one or two rows for each stripe and got to work crocheting in the round. It was nice and easy crochet. And guess what…

     ….I even lined the bag! Not fantastically, but it is lined. Broke out my sewing machine to make the lining (had a few fights with it) and hand stitched it into the bag. I would have liked to have added a pocket on the inside but honestly, I just wasn’t arsed!

     I’m still happy with how the bag came out though and it has made me want to crochet more bags. What about you, what crafty projects have you been working on lately?

4 thoughts on “Crochet Bag (I even lined it!)

    1. Thanks! Gotta give credit to my mum for the colours as she picked them out! Can’t say I’d naturally pick out a yellow that bright to use in a project but it does go pair with the purples nicely


  1. The lining came out super clean! Ehmagod
    I’m working on some keychain for my Etsy shop.

    And I also feel you on not feeling like writing anything. That’s kinda how I felt with my YouTube channel. I try to upload weekly but I find I don’t have that many things to talk about that often.

    Keep up the great work

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    1. Thanks! Quite happy with the lining in that I actually did it because I did put it off for a while – I dread actually sewing because I’m so bad at it! Really should practice my hand stitching some more too, like actually learn some proper stitches – that could be really useful!
      How’s making the keychains going?

      Yeah, it can be hard to find the motivation sometimes. I imagine it’s a lot of work making something weekly for YouTube!

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