March and April 2022 Planner Pages

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

     Apologies for being so inconsistent with my blogging recently – I’ve been  struggling to motivate myself to write blog posts lately so I’ve kinda thrown my regular schedule out the window and just been skipping weeks because I couldn’t be bothered writing anything. I do have a few things made to post about but it doesn’t help that I haven’t been making much lately and I kinda need to be doing that if I’m to have things to write about. I’ve also not been using my planner very much so I’ve not been decorating it so I don’t have much to show there either.

     But I do have a few pages decorated (not that that motivated me to use the pages!) from March and April so I can at least show you those. And I’m pretty happy with how some of these pages came out too, especially the March pages.

     I ran a length of washi tape along the bottom of these pages (didn’t bother cutting it, just folding it over the pages and kept going) and used some bird and plant stickers I had to decorate a few spots and I think it’s pretty effective decoration while still leaving plenty of writing space.

     I didn’t do as much for the April pages I decorated but I still think a few stickers can be enough.

     And here are my monthly spreads for March and April.

     So yeah, those are my March and April pages. May hasn’t been going too great for decorating either but hopefully June will go better and I’ll actually get back into the swing of using my planner.


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