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Birthday Cards Paper Crafting

     Hello lovelies, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

     I usually do long rambles before getting to the topic of the post but I don’t have much to ramble on about right now so I guess I’ll just get to it? Feels strange to do that but here we go, I had to make a few birthday cards in May so here’s what I ended up with.

     It was a haphazard day in the craft room where I had no plan going in and just took out a bunch of supplies and messed around with them to see what I could make. I think the cards worked out. I ended up with one die cut image I put together and matched with paper and one stamped image I matched with some floral card.

      Actually, I did do a bit of planning before sitting down to craft. I knew I wanted to make a card attached to a box so I had to figure out some dimensions for scoring and cutting that – oh was I surprised that those numbers actually worked out!

     I didn’t have a plan for the decorating though – that came about by again just rummaging through all my supplies and putting random bits together until I was happy enough with the result. I think it worked?

     What do you think of these cards I made? What are some of your favourite paper crafting techniques for card making – are you more of a stamper or die-cutter or what?


6 thoughts on “Birthday Cards Paper Crafting

    1. Thanks! I love card making but it is something I tend to do a lot of in a short space of time and then don’t do for ages until I find myself in need of loads of new cards (usually about this time of year because there are so many birthdays in October!)

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    1. Thanks!
      Finding nice store bought cards can be pretty hard, for me anyway. Like, even if there’s a huge area in the stationery shop dedicated to greeting cards there somehow mange to be none for whatever occasion I need a card for (also, never any cards for cat and dog birthdays which companies are really missing out on as I would totally buy pet related cards!)

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