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Pica Pau Sloth Crochet

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well. 

IMG_20220401_211603943 copy    I gotta say, lately I am doing a terrible job at actually finishing projects. I used to be so good at making things to show off on the blog in a timely manner. These days I’m doing good if I finish one thing a month! And it can take me a while to get around to finishing things. Like this sloth which I started back in April!

    Part of the sloth problem was that I ran out of the yarn I needed and had to order more from Hobbii but then the yarn arrived and I didn’t work on the sloth for another month so that bits all on me and my motivation. But hey, finish it I did! Mostly because a deadline finally came up to push me to picking up this project up again.

     The end result is super cute though, I absolutely love how the face came out, especially when wearing the hat. Would make again.

     And that’s all. Yup. Short post I know but I don’t have much all to say!


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