June 2022 – Monthly and weekly hobonichi planner spreads

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Do hope you’re doing well. How’s summer going for you?

     Another month of 2022 is gone and so another month of my Hobonichi has been (slightly) decorated and gone pretty much unused. I’m trying but as much as I love the idea of the Hobonichi – the covers are all super pretty and the pages are nice – I don’t think the page per day layout is right for me at the moment. I love the calendar and index pages and all that but the page per day is just too much space for me to decorate and fill.

     I love decorating monthly pages I don’t first have to draw though – that bit is very nice!

     I tried to decorate a few pages this month with some stickers and boxes but quite a few of them went unused to it didn’t motivate me much!

     So yeah, starting to think about what my 2023 planner will be even though we’re only half way through the year. If things don’t change with my life that require more daily space, I think I’ll go back to a weekly planner with a large general notes sections. I know that Hobonichi do a weekly planner so maybe that’ll be worth trying. Or if you have any suggestions for planners worth trying where you can see your full week at once, I’d love to hear them so I can check them out! 


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