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June 2022 – Incoming and Outgoing Snail Mail

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

     I have been…I’m not going to say getting a handle on it but I’m…getting somewhere with my snail mail pile recently. There’s still a lot in it and also more now because I got responses back from some of the letters I sent in recent months…so really I’m back at the same point…okay, I really do need to speed up my letter writing!

     So as is typical lately, I forgot to photograph a lot of my incoming mail but here’s two letters I got with some nice stamps.

     And here’s all the outgoing mail I had, or most of it anyway as I also sent out some boxes of books I was unhauling to people but didn’t photograph those.

     No real long and lengthy letters but a catch up with a  lot of people. I sent some book mail and birthday cards to the states, Pusheen stuff to Japan and…well, a pile of random stuff like art, a zine and stickers to Australia.

     Have you sent any mail out lately or gotten any yourself?


4 thoughts on “June 2022 – Incoming and Outgoing Snail Mail

  1. I used to have a ton of pen-pals, but then the pandemic hit and my postal service halted all international mail for a bit. And ever since, I’ve found it hard to get back into the groove. I can totally relate with you on the fun of sharing correspondences with pen pals all over the world. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yeah it’s been super hard getting back into the groove of sending mail regularly! I really need to focus more on it because I feel bad for neglecting my pen pals but hopefully they understand!


  2. I love the Scooby Doo stamp!

    I’m way behind on replying to letters. Ever since my daughter was born it’s been soooo hard to keep up! Hoping to get a couple sent this week. I’m also sending out some Post Pals mail tomorrow.

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    1. Hope you manage to get those letters written and sent! I can imagine it’s pretty hard to find the time to do that with a baby to care for (I know I find it hard with a fur baby on the scene although thankfully she’s not as bad now that she’s no longer a destructive kitten!).


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