Planner Problems and Switching Things Up

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well. How’s summer going for you?

    If by chance you’ve been keeping up to date with me and my planner posts you’ll know that this year I started using an A6 Hobonichi techo which was somewhat expensive because it came from Japan and I had to pay customs on it but it was amazing and I loved it and it felt really nice to use…until a couple months in when I started to realise that actually, the day per page view just wasn’t working for me. I struggled on for another few months but started using my planner less and less and decided that it was time I made some changes. This time of year is a great time to make some planner changes as all the mid-year planners are coming out to cater for students but a mid year planner is what I need to get me through this year so when I was shopping the other week I found this A6 weekly view planner that seemed like it would work better for me for the time being.

     I did see an A5 weekly view planner that was lovely but I got an A6 size instead as with the A6 size I can utilise the other Hobonichi cover that I got (because yes I got two – I was indecisive when I was ordering and splurged).

    This planner that I got is pretty simple and I won’t be using a lot of the extra pages as I have those set up in my Hobonichi and like them but I definitely prefer seeing my week one, well two pages. This one as the week on one page and a big notes sections on the other which should be more suited to me planning style and lists.

     And bonus, which it was a little tricky getting it in because it’s a hard cover and not flexible, it does fit in the A6 Hobonichi cover which is great is it would be a shame to let this cover go to waste. Actually this is two covers – it’s a plain teal colour cover and a decorative plastic cover so I have a few options on how I want this A6 planner to look.

     Hopefully this change in planner will get me back in the right mindset to be productive!


4 thoughts on “Planner Problems and Switching Things Up

  1. I like switching things up too. I’ve recently switched from A5 to A4, and from a notebook to loose leaf paper. Just experimenting in the best way to capture my thoughts without being too precious with the process. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. It’s good to switch things up every now and again, especially if something isn’t quite working for you. Like sure, my Hobonichi planner was expensive to import from Japan but I mean, if it’s not working for me and helping me keep on track of things, what’s the point! It’s a lesson learned at least. And yeah, I often find myself just reaching for some loose paper these days to make quick lists that I can throw out when I’m done with them. As you say, it’s good to just not be too precious with the process focus on what’s best for getting your thoughts out!


  2. Hope you manage to find planner peace soon. This is why I prefer using the bullet journal method as you can change your layouts to suit your needs and your planning style can develop and change without issue.

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    1. That’s what I loved about the bullet journal method too which I used for several years. It’s only this year I moved back to the diary format because I was a bit tired of drawing out all my pages and just wanted something formatted for me. I’m sure at some point when I’m feeling more creative I’ll go back to bullet journalling because I did really like it but yeah, sometimes you just need to change things up and readjust things!

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