Planner Prepping for 2023

     Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re doing well.

     It’s that time of the year again – time to start thinking about the next year and plan your planner time! This year has been my first year using a Hobonichi and while it’s not gone fully to plan, and they’re are a little expensive, I’ve decided to stick with Hobonichis for 2023. So here’s my little planner haul for organising next year.

     I got this nice cover of a night time city scene which I didn’t realise until it arrived but is quite obvious when I see them next to each other, is designed by the same artist who did the cover I got for this years A6 Techo.

     There were a lot of nice covers that I wouldn’t mind getting but I’m quite happy with this Tokyo Metronome cover – I love the dark colours of it and the free pen matches petty well.

     And next year I’m going to try actually make use of all those little pockets inside because I haven’t used them at all this year.

     As for the planner, well you can see from the cover comparison that I’ve gone for the bigger size for 2023. I found that I just wasn’t loving the A6 size so I’ve gone up to the A5. I also decided to get the Cousin Avec which splits the year up into 2 notebooks. The idea is that if you’re the kind of person who sticks lots of things into their planner, it can get pretty bulky so in this case you only have to carry half the year with you at once. I don’t know if I’ll be that kind of person but having the year split up does offer more flexibility. I might decide to just put both planners in the cover at once or maybe one half of the year and a sketchbook. I’ll be having a play around with the layout over the next few months.

     I also picked up a few other things while I as making my order. I got this A6 weekly diary for next year in case I want to use this for blog and social media planning, I got a ruler with lots of icon stencils and this fun looking washi tape. 

     So now that I have all the stuff, it’s time to start planning out my pages for 2023 and thinking about how I want to use spreads. What are your 2023 planner plans?


4 thoughts on “Planner Prepping for 2023

    1. The funny thing is I do write really small sometimes! but I like to leave lots of space between clusters of to-do lists written in tiny writing. I think the empty space helps me feel more in control of my to-do lists

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  1. I’m a hobonichi girl! Have been in a Cousin for personal use for a couple of years now. Last year for work I was in a Cousin, couldn’t make it work. So switched to a hobonichi A5 notebook. That has been great but need a better system for planning out the work week. So switching to Avec for 2023. Hopefully two thinner books will mean I’m carrying less.

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    1. Well I hope the Avec works for you!
      It can be hard to find the right planner sometimes, like how for you the cousin works for personal but work. I’m hoping that the avec works for me for 2023. I liked using the Hobonichi pages but definitely the size wasn’t my thing, I just prefer A5 for my planners and I always struggle to use an A6 (I was the same when I was using Filofax systems). I’m definitely looking forward to the avec having those weekly spread pages because I do find it really useful being able to see my week all at once.


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