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Getting Winter Ready – Making a Ruana Cloak

     Hello lovely readers, how are you doing today? Hope you’re well.

     Today’s mostly a picture heavy post as I don’t have tons to say about this make, at least on the how to front (if you’re interested in that, I recommend checking out this page with information on ruana cloaks and how to make them) but I did want to show it off in case it inspires anyone else to get winter ready and make themselves a cloak – because cloaks are great and they should be brought back into fashion.

     So yeah, I made myself a cloak, and it’s great. And easy to do. Highly recommend! I’m not a coat person and so I struggle with winter a little because if I have to out when it’s very cold, it ends up being a matter of how many hoodies can I layer which doesn’t exactly look great or leave me feeling great about my body shape. So this winter I’m going to change that and be prepared for the cold weather with a cloak!

     Basically, a ruana cloak is a large, squarish piece of fabric folded in half with a cut up the front centre. That’s it. I said it was simple to make! If you use a fabric that doesn’t unravel, you don’t have to do anything else making this a no sew project with just one straight line you have to cut. The measurements are simple and you can use whatever fabric you want really. Mine did end up expensive as I wanted it to be quite long and also I wanted to use boiled wool for the warmth of it and also so I wouldn’t have to do any hemming on the edges (as there’s a lot of edge).

     But I do love this cloak. It’s a very versatile piece and there are a lot of ways to wear it, like wrapping one side over your shoulder and pulling the other side to cover your front. 

     Or wrapping one of the sides over your head and making a hood.

     Or getting a belt of some sort to hold it in place.

     I’m looking forward to the crisp, chill weather coming so I can get a good chance to wear this cloak out (I haven’t had much of a chance to wear it yet as it was too warm for ages and lately it’s just been way too wet, as in step outside for 30 seconds and you’ve basically had a shower levels of rain).

     Anyway, maybe this post inspired you, maybe it hasn’t. Do let me know if it has and if cloaks and capes are a part of your wardrobe!


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