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Halloween Crochet

     Hello love readers, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the season.

    Speaking of which, this is going to be a multiple make post. I’d love to be able to dedicate individual posts to some of these makes but theme wise I’ve run out of time before Halloween to post all these so into the one post they go. Let’s get started with the Whimsical Witch Hat I made for myself simply because I wanted a withes hat.

     I absolutely adored this crochet pattern because it creates a really solid and structured hat that doesn’t require the use of any wire or cardboard or plastic to keep the shape. It’s great! It uses two strands of aran weight yarn worked together and as I didn’t have a gradient yarn I could use, I made use of the two strands to work a gradient of my own using a bunch of Stylecraft and Hobbii solid colour acrylic yarns. It worked out pretty well, I think.

     Also, I made a witches hat for my cat. Because…because I could. I made this one up as I went, doing my best to size it to Vivi’s large head and even larger years that mean most of the one size patterns for cat hats that I find end up too small. I used velvet yarn for this one so it’s really nice feeling.

     And yes, she did knock the hat off as soon as I’d taken the photo but all you need is one photo!

     And next up for my halloween makes, a halloween shawl! Well, this one is the Forgotten Lore shawl but I liked that it looked a bit like bat wings so was a nice subtle call to Halloween…in a less than subtle Halloween colourway!

     Orange isn’t exactly my favourite colour but I saw this Halloween Cotton King colourway on and couldn’t resist picking up. I really enjoyed the pattern for this make too and I might make it again in a more all year round colour. Or at least incorporate the puff stitch down the centre into more shawls because I think it’s a lovely detail.

     Anyway, that’s all for now folks.


10 thoughts on “Halloween Crochet

    1. At least you got to learn one yarn craft from her! I learned both knitting and crochet from YouTube – don’t know where I’d be without it!


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