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Crocheting Llamas (again)

     It’s llama time again! I’ve crocheted one of these llamas before, a good few years ago now, to send off to a friend in New Zealand and I recently found myself crocheting some more, this time to send off a to a friend in Japan. I really like this crochet pattern and how few pieces there are to sew together (just the years and tail, everything else is crocheted together) and how it stands by itself. It’s a lovely pattern, and also a pretty quick one to make, if you’re not doing the loop stitch version that that…

      I did make the loop stitch version too though…

     That one definitely took longer.

     But they both came out super nice, even though the yarn wasn’t my favourite to work with. And they both made it safely to my friend in Japan (always a relief when you get the messages of thanks so you know they didn’t go missing along the way! 


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