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A Selection of Miscellaneous Makes from 2022

     Hello lovely readers, if you’re even still around to read this! I know it’s been a while since I last posted so hopefully there’s still a few feeds this will pop up in. I’ve definitely lost all sense of a schedule when it comes to posting but I’ve also been making a lot fewer things so there just isn’t the content to post.

    Also, I guess when I have actually gotten around to making finished things, I just haven’t been all that interested and motivated to talk about them. Like this lost of stuff that I made last year and didn’t bother writing about at the time.

     A mix of sewing and crochet projects.

     I was doing a big craft room declutter last year and part of that involved decluttering some of my fabric stash. There were a few pieces of fabric that I didn’t want to keep in my stash but were too good not to use so I hastily got my sewing machine out to make some bat cushion covers for my sister and an infinity scarf using some stretchy jersey fabric.

     I also wanted to use up some bulky yarn that was getting annoying to store so I crocheted this chunky baby blanket, I finished making a baby blanket that used some 4ply cake yarn and I used a tiny amount of yarn to crochet a little succulent.

    I think I have a few more random makes from last year that I must look for photos of so probably expect another post in the next few weeks with those.

     But yeah, that’s it I guess? Wow, I’ve gotten so bad at writing blog posts! I’m so rusty!

     If you have happened to get to the end of this post, do leave a comment to say hi, or let me know how the years been going for you/what have you been making.


6 thoughts on “A Selection of Miscellaneous Makes from 2022

  1. My projects are going well so far, I have managed to finish sewing a skirt and it hasn’t fallen apart yet! My jumper is the next WIP to tackle – I’m converting a flat pattern to knitting in the round, but procrastinated splitting for the arm holes, until I realised I could keep the project on the same needles and just knit back and forth on one half at a time! Working fleece to yarn has definitely taught me to have more patience, but I’ve figured that if I take the project one step at a time it isn’t quite so daunting.
    I’m currently making sure I knit a couple of rows whenever I can, so hopefully I’ll soon finish the body and be able to move onto the sleeves! I’ve also made a list of projects I want to make to hopefully incentivise me to finish one before starting another (I’m not sure if it will work, but at least it helps me keep track of them!).

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    1. I hope that making a list of projects helps motivate you to finish stuff so you can start new stuff – it certainly isn’t helping me though! I have two crochet scrap blanket WIPs on the go, another crochet blanket WIP in my wardrobe that I haven’t worked on in years, one crochet blanket WIP I’ve planned to start and have the yarn prepped for, and yet, Just last night I decided to start another crochet blanket using up even more leftover yarns!

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  2. Lovely to see some of your projects! I’ve certainly not posted as regularly as I would have hoped over the past year either as many projects I’m currently working on are taking a long time to finish (particularly going from raw fleece to final product entirely by hand). I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s much better to work through projects at a gradual pace and be proud of them when they’re finished, than to rush through them stressing about schedules.
    This year I’m being very strict with myself to make sure I finish my WIP’s before I start anything new, but I’m currently working on a knitted jumper using an original Victorian knitting pattern (I’m hand spinning my yarn as I go) and am also having a go at sewing some clothing as it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time. 🙂

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    1. Okay, raw fleece to finished item all by hand – yeah that sounds like it’s incredibly time consuming! It takes to me some to just knit, crochet or weave something. I don’t think I’d ever get anything finished if I was also making the yarn!

      How are your projects going so far this year?

      I’m trying to get better at finishing some WIPs before starting new ones, especially when it comes to blankets because I’ve definitely started too many of those.
      Although I have finally finished a blanket I started crocheting way back in 2020 so that’s something!


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