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Amigurumi Crochet – Ada Lamb

     Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re doing well – how’s your week been?

     All my knitting and crochet posts so far this year have been about various things I made last year but I have actually managed to get around to finishing a project this year and here it is, a chunky amigurumi piece from the Pica Pau 2 book.

Ada Lamb   I’m really happy with how this amigurumi piece came out, mostly because I ended up being able to make it without buying any more yarn! Always nice when you can actually use up stash.

    I had a pack of undyed chunky wool yarn so I was able to use two skeins of that for the body, and then use up some pink and green DK weight yarns I had leftover from Christmas makes for the coat, which I had just enough to make!

     So quite happy with that. I liked using chunkier yarns with one of the Pica Pau patterns. Using wool and acrylic yarns, they don’t quite have the solid structure you get when using cotton yarn for amigurumi, but they certainly are easier on my hands.

     What kind of yarns do you like using for amigurumi? 


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