About Me

     Welcome to the puddleside.

     My name’s Emma and this is my home on the internet. where I talk about things that interest me which largely include planning, stationery, snail mail, paper crafts, home decor and all things yarn related.

     If you like the sound of that and happen to enjoy my inane rambling, I invite you to pull out an umbrella and join me by the puddleside.

     Why Puddleside Musings you ask?

     Well, I’d like to muse by a lakeside but I don’t live near one so a puddle will have to do. It’s Ireland though, we have some pretty big puddles.

     Other Places You Can Find Me

     I have other internet haunts that you can check out.

     Art is one of my hobbies and I have another blog where I post my photography and drawings. It’s Idle Emma’s IdleSpot.

     I also have an Etsy shop where you can buy some of the crafts I make. It’s called IdleHourCrafts, check it out.


32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You sound fun and I’ll be happy to visit again. I laughed at, “and buying pretty and bright crafting materials – and occasionally I also put those crafting materials to use to make things!” . A true crafter must hoard pretty things, LOL. I worked at a scrapbook store for 3+ years and have enough ‘stuff’ to last a lifetime, but of course there’s always something new 😀 Cheers.

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  2. Your style such a beautiful style… Thank you for sharing it with the world… Blessings in 2017 and much more creativity, tools, and coins to come your way.

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  3. Hi Emma, I just stumbled across your blog. I really enjoyed scrolling though your creative projects. I am not sure how to find time to both create and then blog about it. 🙂 Happy Creating!

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    1. Hi! So glad to hear you like my blog! Not sure if I can give any tips on finding time to create and blog – I find unemployment gives plenty of time to craft but that’s not exactly a good long term solution (if only I could make a living from blogging!) xD

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