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Dragon Eggs

     Okay, I know I usually reserve Wednesdays for snail mail posts and Fridays for craft posts but I’m switching things up a little this week and it totally has nothing to do with not having my snail mail post written yet…okay that might be the reason. I’m a little out of sorts this…… Continue reading Dragon Eggs


Tracking Misc. Things in my Planner

     This is just a really short post about tracking things in my planner.      I know, some people might say that I track too many things but I like knowing when and how often I get things done. Sometimes I track things, not to make myself do something but, out of curiosity,…… Continue reading Tracking Misc. Things in my Planner

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Napkin Fold Cards (with other uses too!)

     Napkin fold cards.      I’m all about the napkin fold cards now!      I showed you last week the one I made for a card swap I did:      Well, I have a few more to show you today.      This is one that I made as a birthday…… Continue reading Napkin Fold Cards (with other uses too!)

Snail Mail

Oh No! Stamp Price Increase!

     Bad news everyone!      Well, it doesn’t actually impact my blog readers as I don’t think I have many Irish followers who are also snail mail enthusiasts (although if you are one, let me know!), but I am an Irish girl who loves sending mail so this impacts me – An Post…… Continue reading Oh No! Stamp Price Increase!

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Personal Filofax Weekly Planner Pages

     Hey everyone!      How’s it going? Enjoying your Easter eggs?      Got two sets of planner pages for you today in lovely bright colours because it is spring now and I do need to coax out some nice weather in any way possible! First up, some pink and gold and orange…… Continue reading Personal Filofax Weekly Planner Pages

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Easter Card Making

     Hey everyone!      Seeing as it’s Easter, I have a few Easter cards to show you. I don’t really send out Easter cards but my mom sends a few out so these were all made for her.      I made these just using the decoupage sheets you can pick up in…… Continue reading Easter Card Making

Snail Mail

March 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Hey everyone!      I have some of my outgoing mail from March to show you today. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much that I actually sent out in March because I was a bit lazy with my snail mail! There’s also one or two things that I sent out but forgot to…… Continue reading March 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail