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Hot Chocolate Mug Crochet

     I would like to say that this was a quick crochet because it looks so simple but it did actually take me a while because I’m really slow at making amigurumi pieces that use DK cotton yarn. The stiffness of the yarn is great for making amigurumi that holds its shape but it’s…… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Mug Crochet

amigurumi · Crafts · Knitting and Crochet

Glow in the Dark Ghost Cat

     So a while back a friend of mine got me two balls of glow in the dark yarn and it sat around in my stash for a while because I just didn’t know what to do with it. Well, I finally figured it out and whipped something up real quick.      I…… Continue reading Glow in the Dark Ghost Cat

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Just Some More Bunny Amigurumi

     Everyone seems to be needing baby gifts at the moment so I’ve had to rush a few more bunnies off the hook these last few weeks.      Nothing special with most of them – just using whatever yarns I have lying around (in the case of the white one above, some undyed…… Continue reading Just Some More Bunny Amigurumi

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Stormy Rainbow Blanket

     I finished a blanket! After getting this lovely rainbow yarn way back 2020 for Christmas, I’ve finally gotten around to working it up into a blanket!      If you’re wondering, the rainbow yarn is from River Knits – they do some really nice sets of rainbow minis in lots of different types…… Continue reading Stormy Rainbow Blanket