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Sewing – Craft Frustrations, Stress, Pressure and Anxiety

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well.      So this is a topic I hadn’t thought about before but it’s come up a bit these last few months now thanks to the pandemic – it’s my frustrations with sewing. Now, sewing is something I wish I was good at and enjoyed because I wish…… Continue reading Sewing – Craft Frustrations, Stress, Pressure and Anxiety

Snail Mail

Outgoing Mail – April 2020

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well.      How’s your snail mail situation going? I may be a terrible pen pal for taking months to reply to letters (I swear, there was a time when I replied to almost everything within two weeks!) but I got a little bit better last month by actually…… Continue reading Outgoing Mail – April 2020


Reading List – April/May 2020

     Hello everyone – how are you? Hope you’re doing well.      I feel like this is a predominantly craft blog with paper crafts and crochet but then I also do weekly planner posts which are stationery related and so are the snail mail posts so I guess my blog is more a…… Continue reading Reading List – April/May 2020

Everything Else

Surviving Lockdown – Favourite Distractions.

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well.       Normally I do a favourites post every three months covering a selection of crafty and non-crafty things (like biscuits) that I’ve been particularly enjoying every month. I will do a post rounding up favourites from April, May and June at the end of…… Continue reading Surviving Lockdown – Favourite Distractions.

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Scrap Yarn Chevron Scarf

     Happy mid-week everyone. Hope you’re doing well. So, I showed you this rainbow shawl the other week:  And this weeks crochet showcase is related to that. I had a surprising amount of yarn left over from crocheting that shawl, especially in the green section where I crocheted one less row for each colour…… Continue reading Scrap Yarn Chevron Scarf

Planners · Weekly Spreads

Weekly Bujo Pages – May 2020

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. How was your weekend?      As always seems to be the case lately, my showcase of some of my weekly bujo pages from the month is going to be a short post because my weekly spreads really aren’t that interesting. I mean, due to the whole…… Continue reading Weekly Bujo Pages – May 2020

Everything Else

Animal Crossing New Horizons – House and Craft Room Tour

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re doing well.      You know, I posted a craft room tour a few months back but I thought I’d do another one of my new craft room…my Animal Crossing one…yeah, I’m an adult so I decided the mature thing to do with my life was…… Continue reading Animal Crossing New Horizons – House and Craft Room Tour