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Yarn WIP Updates: February 2021

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well. I have some blanket updates for you!      I finally made some progress on my garter stitch blanket…      I mean, I made some, I didn’t say I made a lot! I knitted a few rows of the pink section…yeah, this is a…… Continue reading Yarn WIP Updates: February 2021

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DIY Fake Stone/Concrete Vase and Ornaments

     Thought I’d remind my blog (and myself) that I can do crafts that aren’t just crochet!      I really need to get back into doing more crafts because every time I make something I remember how fun it is but then I tend to just go back to my yarn crafts which,…… Continue reading DIY Fake Stone/Concrete Vase and Ornaments

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2020 Advent Blanket – Pt 2 – Hook and Light

     Hello everyone, how are you doing today?       Last week I showed you the advent blanket I made using the Sionnach Yarns advent calendar I got which was a 20g calendar – this time I have the 10g Hook and Light advent calendar blanket to show you (because yes, I bought myself…… Continue reading 2020 Advent Blanket – Pt 2 – Hook and Light

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2020Advent Blanket – Pt 1 – Sionnach Yarns

     I’m back again with more advent blankets! So if you recall, last year I was working on an advent blanket using my 2019 Hook and Light yarn advent calendar (you can see a bit of the blanket in the bottom left of the photo below). Well, in 2020 I treated myself to 2…… Continue reading 2020Advent Blanket – Pt 1 – Sionnach Yarns

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A Year of Weaving

     In honour of it being close to a year since my first weaving post (not including the set up post in January 2020), I thought that it could be interesting to look back over my year of weaving and see how it’s gone.      I guess my first piece of weaving was…… Continue reading A Year of Weaving