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Dragon Eggs

     Okay, I know I usually reserve Wednesdays for snail mail posts and Fridays for craft posts but I’m switching things up a little this week and it totally has nothing to do with not having my snail mail post written yet…okay that might be the reason. I’m a little out of sorts this…… Continue reading Dragon Eggs

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Napkin Fold Cards (with other uses too!)

     Napkin fold cards.      I’m all about the napkin fold cards now!      I showed you last week the one I made for a card swap I did:      Well, I have a few more to show you today.      This is one that I made as a birthday…… Continue reading Napkin Fold Cards (with other uses too!)

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Easter Card Making

     Hey everyone!      Seeing as it’s Easter, I have a few Easter cards to show you. I don’t really send out Easter cards but my mom sends a few out so these were all made for her.      I made these just using the decoupage sheets you can pick up in…… Continue reading Easter Card Making

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Picnic Baskets for Easter

     Hey everyone!      Easter is coming up so I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve been crafting for it. These aren’t particularly Easter crafts, I just happen to have made them at this time of year.      First up, a picnic basket:      Isn’t it just adorable? I…… Continue reading Picnic Baskets for Easter

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Samples and Inspiration Book

     It’s probably a really common thing to have but I’ve recently discovered how useful it is to have a book of samples, tests and inspirations – does anyone else have one?       Mine is this cute little notebook I picked up from Flying Tiger a while back:      I didn’t…… Continue reading Samples and Inspiration Book

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Card Making: New Baby Cards

         Back in January I decided to treat myself to some craft supplies and I came across a web store called Seven Hills Crafts. Well, let me tell you – I fell in love! It’s a UK-based store but it imports all the American brand crafts supplies. It’s great because most of the…… Continue reading Card Making: New Baby Cards

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Card Making: Love and Valentine’s

     So I made some cards for Valentine’s Day.      Yes, I know that was last month. I did actually make them then, I swear, I’m just only getting around to writing a blog post about them now!      Also, I know that it is St. Patrick’s Day today and I am…… Continue reading Card Making: Love and Valentine’s