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Knitted Baby Blanket and Handmade Card

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I have a short post for you today just to show you some things I’ve been making recently.      My neighbour just had a baby so I decided to knit a baby blanket for my mom to give her. I’d bought a…… Continue reading Knitted Baby Blanket and Handmade Card

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Crocheted Baskets

      Okay, so I have a new favourite thing to crochet – baskets!       Crochet a basket? Really? I know, it sounded a bit weird to me at first seeing as I’m still pretty new to crocheting but crocheted baskets are fun to make! I’ve made a number recently.    …… Continue reading Crocheted Baskets

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The plant that can’t die – a crocheted cactus

     My sister can’t keep a plant alive – she really can’t. Somehow, she’s even managed to kill a cactus, letting it shrivel up because she forgot to water it. Well, I decided that for Christmas I would get her something she really couldn’t kill – I would make her a cactus from yarn!  …… Continue reading The plant that can’t die – a crocheted cactus

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First Crochet Project – Crocheted Blanket

     I posted the picture of this on my Instagram a few weeks back but it deserves to be posted here too, even if it’s not a Christmas related craft – I finished my blanket!      I’m sure I mentioned at some point in some post how I was in the process of…… Continue reading First Crochet Project – Crocheted Blanket

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Loom Knitted Pumpkins

     An early happy Halloween everyone!      Today, I actually have a Halloween themed craft for you: some quickly made yarn pumpkins – yarn pumpkins because really, only some of them are loom knitted so the title of this blog post is a lie! It was a bit of an evolution getting to…… Continue reading Loom Knitted Pumpkins

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Knitted Green and Cream Scarf

    So, last week I showed you a pink scarf that I knitted with the Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo yarn.  I have another one for you this week.      Similarly, this too is a scarf that I knitted months and months and months ago.      Obviously a more complicated scarf than the…… Continue reading Knitted Green and Cream Scarf

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A Pink Scarf for the Spring

     You know, sometimes I buy something and it might take me a week to post my haul on the blog. Sometimes I’ll make something and it could be a month before I post it because I have quite a few things to show off…in this case, well, I knitted this scarf about 8 months…… Continue reading A Pink Scarf for the Spring