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Recycling T-Shirts: Making a Pillow Case

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.      Today is actually my birthday! I thought about having a birthday related post but as I write and schedule posts a week before, that means that my birthday hasn’t happened for the me writing this so there’s nothing to show. Maybe…… Continue reading Recycling T-Shirts: Making a Pillow Case

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Matching Crocheted Cowl and Bag

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.      I have a spot of yarn crafting for you today – some crocheting! A few months back I’d spotted a lovely crocheted beach bag made by Zeens and Roger and knew I wanted to give it a go. I couldn’t get the…… Continue reading Matching Crocheted Cowl and Bag

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Sewing an Autumnal Tote Bag

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I’m quite excited today to show you a recent sewing project of mine. As you may know, sewing is one of my more recent crafty uptakes and a while ago I showed you the pair of shorts I sewed as my first sewing…… Continue reading Sewing an Autumnal Tote Bag

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A Journey into Sewing

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.      Do you remember when you first started out learning a craft? Sewing is one of my more recent hobbies to take up. Even though I’ve sort of been sewing for years, because it’s something I only do every few months, I…… Continue reading A Journey into Sewing

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Sewing Infinity Scarves

     Let me just start this post by saying – I am not good at sewing! I barely know how to use a sewing machine (if anything goes slightly wrong with it I’m screwed) and I don’t actually know how to sew by hand. Still, making scarves is something I like to do because…… Continue reading Sewing Infinity Scarves

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Sewing a Scarf

     Hey, so remember back in November I had a blog post about the sewing machine that I had gotten back in October? I was just messing around with it at that stage and was having trouble with straight lines. Well, I can report now that I have gotten somewhat better at straight lines…… Continue reading Sewing a Scarf

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Learning to Sew

     So, I’m trying to learn how to sew.      Last month I got a really cheap mini sewing machine – didn’t want to be spending too much on a fancy machine seeing as I’ve never sewn before and thought it best to test the waters first, plus, it only cost €20 in…… Continue reading Learning to Sew