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Favourite Things: January and February, 2021

     Hello everyone, how are you?      I actually had a hard time coming up with this post today because I haven’t really been keeping favourite things in mind these last two months. I have managed to come up with some favourite things though like…       Buying books online, buying more…… Continue reading Favourite Things: January and February, 2021

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2020 Halloween – Tokyo Treat Box

     Halloween be weird this year, right? I had plans to crochet a few cute amigurumi pieces…well, a cute Cthulhu, but I just wasn’t in the mood to do that this month and I didn’t carve a pumpkin either which is something I’ve been enjoying doing the last few years because we didn’t want…… Continue reading 2020 Halloween – Tokyo Treat Box

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September 2020 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you’re well and excited to see an outgoing mail post here on the blog because boy has it been a long time since I’ve done a decent outgoing mail post! Since the start of the pandemic I have barely sent any mail but I got…… Continue reading September 2020 – Outgoing Snail Mail

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A 2020 Birthday

     Hello everyone, how are you doing? Hope you’re well.      Some of you may know but it was my birthday this week (Tuesday to be precise). Having a birthday in 2020 is certainly strange, isn’t it? I never do much for my birthday anyway other than hang out at home and sometime…… Continue reading A 2020 Birthday