Crochet Pattern Declutter (giving stuff away)

     Hello lovely readers of this blog. This post won’t be for everyone but to any of my crochet readers, enjoy, as I would like to give away some crochet patterns!      So I’ve been doing a little bit of a craft room clean up recently and realised I really need to do…… Continue reading Crochet Pattern Declutter (giving stuff away)


Crochet Magazine Giveaway

     Hello everyone. This probably seems like an out of the blue post but I have a giveaway ready for today!      Recently I started doing a bit of a clean up of my craft room and in order to make a little bit of space I decided to tidy up my magazine…… Continue reading Crochet Magazine Giveaway

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Crochet Society – Box 13 Unboxing

     I did it – after not getting the subscription box for 6 months I gave in and resubscribed to The Crochet Society box.      Did I need to do this? No.      Have I gone slightly crazy with online shopping because of the pandemic? Yes.     Was there a deal…… Continue reading Crochet Society – Box 13 Unboxing


Irish Yarn – Impromptu Giveaway

     Hello everyone – hope you’re doing well, staying safe and coping with social distancing/self isolation.      As we all know, these are strange times for the world. There’s not much I can do to help people other than ‘stay the fuck inside’ but I can do something like an impromptu giveaway to…… Continue reading Irish Yarn – Impromptu Giveaway

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Crocheting Fake Plants ( + Instagram Giveaway)

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. I have an extra post for you this week and as the title suggests (because it says it in very clear words), I have a giveaway to do. Skip to the end if that’s all you’re interested in but if not, let’s lead up to the giveaway…… Continue reading Crocheting Fake Plants ( + Instagram Giveaway)