1,000 Follower Giveaway! Win a Personal Size Planner!

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. I have an exciting post for you today because…it’s giveaway time!      In celebration of passing 1,000 followers here on WordPress, I do believe it’s time I did another giveaway. Actually, I had just passed 1,000 followers when I took that screenshot…… Continue reading 1,000 Follower Giveaway! Win a Personal Size Planner!


365 Follower Giveaway Winner Announcement!

     So, the deadline for entering the giveaway was yesterday and today I’m here to announce the winner of my 365 follower giveaway, although I’m happy to say now that I have 385 followers! Thank you to everyone who entered and who started following my blog!      First, a recap of the prize:…… Continue reading 365 Follower Giveaway Winner Announcement!


365 Follower Giveaway!

     One follower for every day of the year (leap day not included)!      Okay, I admit that at the time of writing this I only have 361 followers here on WordPress but that’s so close to the number I need that I’m just going to announce the giveaway now while it fits my blog…… Continue reading 365 Follower Giveaway!

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Planning with Geo #6 – Weekly View +Giveaway Winner

     How is everyone doing this fine week? I could ramble on for a bit here like I usually do but I’ll change things up and get straight to my planner:      So that is how it looked at the start of the week (a few bits filled in but not everything…like the…… Continue reading Planning with Geo #6 – Weekly View +Giveaway Winner

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Planning with Geo #4 – April Monthly View + Giveaway

     April is over so I think it’s time to take a look at my monthly view. You probably saw what April was looking like back when I did my planner tour and showed you this section but here it is with even more stickers added to it:      As you can see,…… Continue reading Planning with Geo #4 – April Monthly View + Giveaway

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Planning Life #29 – Giveaway Winner

     This is Monday, meaning this is a planner post so there’s the obligatory photo of my planner with its black and gold/yellow colour scheme for the week.      I could talk about the washi tapes and stickers I used but there’s more important things to discuss this week! As you may remember, I announced…… Continue reading Planning Life #29 – Giveaway Winner


Spring Time Giveaway

       Hey lovely readers of my blog!      I’m really excited for this post because guess what, I’m doing another giveaway! I just like doing giveaways because I have fun putting together packages like this. Originally I had planned to do a giveaway when I passed 200 followers but that kind of just…… Continue reading Spring Time Giveaway