Moleskine Monthly View for March

     Okay, so last month I mentioned that I was moving my monthly spread out of my A5 Paperchase Planner and into my new Moleskine journal. Well, here it is:      Isn’t she pretty? It comes off a bit more blue in photos but I’d describe the colour as I see it in…… Continue reading Moleskine Monthly View for March

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Picnic Baskets for Easter

     Hey everyone!      Easter is coming up so I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve been crafting for it. These aren’t particularly Easter crafts, I just happen to have made them at this time of year.      First up, a picnic basket:      Isn’t it just adorable? I…… Continue reading Picnic Baskets for Easter

Snail Mail

March 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?      It’s the first Wednesday of the month so as always, it’s time to take a look at some of my incoming mail for the month!       Where to start…how about with this first photo featuring Italy and Germany?      I love this musical…… Continue reading March 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

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Personal Planner Weekly Spread + Video

     Hey everyone!      Just a quick personal planner post for you today but it does contain a video of me decorating my pages so hopefully that makes up for the lack of words!      I recently bought a set of planner stickers from PrettyCraftyStickers featuring a sea theme. Due to the…… Continue reading Personal Planner Weekly Spread + Video

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Samples and Inspiration Book

     It’s probably a really common thing to have but I’ve recently discovered how useful it is to have a book of samples, tests and inspirations – does anyone else have one?       Mine is this cute little notebook I picked up from Flying Tiger a while back:      I didn’t…… Continue reading Samples and Inspiration Book

Snail Mail

Tracking My Snail Mail

     Hey everyone, I thought that for today’s blog post I’d combine two of my loves: planners and snail mail.      It was a while back (so forgive me for not remembering who it was who suggested this topic), but one of my blog readers asked me to write about how I tracking…… Continue reading Tracking My Snail Mail


2017 Reading Tracking

     So, one of my goals for 2017 is to read at least 26 books – that’s one book every two weeks so nothing too tricky! At the start of the year, I made a list of 26 books to read. Of course, I’m not limiting myself to just these books – I’ve already…… Continue reading 2017 Reading Tracking