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Lucy the Hare Amigurumi

     Very quick post today to show off some very recent makes requested by my sister – I made some hares from the Edwards Menagerie book, very quick and simple makes. I made these ones using some aran weight white acrylic yarns I had lying around.      Thanks to the overblown brightness of…… Continue reading Lucy the Hare Amigurumi

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Amigurumi Crochet – Ada Lamb

     Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re doing well – how’s your week been?      All my knitting and crochet posts so far this year have been about various things I made last year but I have actually managed to get around to finishing a project this year and here it is, a…… Continue reading Amigurumi Crochet – Ada Lamb

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Crocheting Llamas (again)

     It’s llama time again! I’ve crocheted one of these llamas before, a good few years ago now, to send off to a friend in New Zealand and I recently found myself crocheting some more, this time to send off a to a friend in Japan. I really like this crochet pattern and how…… Continue reading Crocheting Llamas (again)

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Pica Pau Sloth Crochet

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.      I gotta say, lately I am doing a terrible job at actually finishing projects. I used to be so good at making things to show off on the blog in a timely manner. These days I’m doing good if I finish…… Continue reading Pica Pau Sloth Crochet

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Crochet and Cross Stitch for Easter

     I got some more crochet for you today!      This is a bunny that I crocheted for my neighbours baby for Easter.      If you’re curious, I used a Lalylala pattern (you can find them on Etsy or Ravelry). I got the bear pattern but then there’s a free update you…… Continue reading Crochet and Cross Stitch for Easter