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Amigurumi Time – Jack Russell

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.      Is anyone keeping track of how many amigurumi posts I’ve had this year already? I’ve already lost count. In the past, Friday posts were always craft related, craft related as in any craft – could be crochet, could be knitting, could be paper crafts…… Continue reading Amigurumi Time – Jack Russell

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Post-Christmas Craft Room Clean Up

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.      As January nears its end and Christmas 2018 fades ever more into the past, my craft room has finally regained a sense of order and is ready for use in 2019. For reference, here’s the mess it was in in December because of Christmas:…… Continue reading Post-Christmas Craft Room Clean Up

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Pop and Twist Christening Card

     Hey everyone – I have a card making post for you today!      You know, I realised that last year I really didn’t make as many cards as I would have like – I kinda lost my card making mojo a bit – but I want to do better this year and…… Continue reading Pop and Twist Christening Card

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Amigurumi Time – Pigs and Sheep

     It’s amigurumi time again!      As if I didn’t have enough of my own things to make for Christmas, my aunt asked me if I could make two teddies that she could give to her two youngest grandchildren (they’re both around two years old). Of course I said yes (what’s two more…… Continue reading Amigurumi Time – Pigs and Sheep

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Quick Craft – Activity Cards

     Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well.      I have a pretty simple and quick craft to show you today, it’s something I made before Christmas at the request of my dad. He had the idea that rather than get my mom some random stuff for Christmas, he’d compile a list of things…… Continue reading Quick Craft – Activity Cards

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Favourite Things: October to December 2018

     Hey everyone – Happy New Year (almost)! Hope you’re all doing well. I missed a few posts last week due to Christmas and a few other things going on in my life but I’d rather not go too long without posting here and also, it’d be nice to kick off 2019 on time…… Continue reading Favourite Things: October to December 2018

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My 2018 Christmas Cards

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well this holiday season. Happy Holidays to those celebrating at this time of year and if there aren’t any holidays you’re celebrating, well, just hope you’re doing well and having a nice day!      Today’s post is a little short but I just thought I’d show…… Continue reading My 2018 Christmas Cards