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Roving Blanket – Washing Update

     Hello everyone, how’s it going?      If you recall, I did a blog post earlier in the year about a blanket I hand knitted using roving yarn. You also might recall that I didn’t feel very favourably towards roving yarn in that post…in fact it was titled 4 Reasons Why I won’t…… Continue reading Roving Blanket – Washing Update

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Yarn Wishlist

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. Inspired by my stationery wishlist post last week, this week I’ve compiled a yarn wishlist! Here it goes!      Let’s start at the top left of my collage image where I have handspun yarn. I just got some random images from Etsy of handspun yarn in…… Continue reading Yarn Wishlist

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Year of Blankets – August Update

     Hello everyone, how are you?      I have a blanket update for you as part of my year of blankets…year…even though I’ve only finished two blankets this year so it’s not exactly chock full of blankets…      Anyway, I posted this to my Instagram at the end of July:  …… Continue reading Year of Blankets – August Update

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Knit and Crochet Hats (leftover advent yarn hats)

     Hello everyone, how are you?      If you recall my advent yarn blanket that I finished last month, I mentioned having yarn left over from each mini skein. When added together, it ended up being quite a bit of yarn – around 150g I think! What I did was join all the…… Continue reading Knit and Crochet Hats (leftover advent yarn hats)

Crafts · Knitting and Crochet

Year of the Blankets – Update

     Hello everyone. As I’ve mentioned, 2020 is my year of blankets. I’ve taken a break from crocheting small amigurumi pieces in favour of bigger, longer term projects like blankets which leads to posts like this – update posts, because I just don’t have finished projects to show you.      So what updates…… Continue reading Year of the Blankets – Update