2019 Bujo – Entertainment Lists/Tracking

     Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Hope it was fun and/or relaxing – whichever it was you were aiming for!      I wasn’t sure what to name this post/section of pages in my bullet journal. They’re lists of things – books, games, movies and tv shows to be more precise – in…… Continue reading 2019 Bujo – Entertainment Lists/Tracking


2019 Bujo – Savings Tracking

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. Can you believe it’s June already? Where is 2019 going?      Well, it’s the start of a new month already so I guess, according to the arbitrary system I set in place for my post schedule to help give me some semblance of an organised blog,…… Continue reading 2019 Bujo – Savings Tracking

Everything Else · Planners

Bujo: Looking Back on Trackers

     Hello everyone, how was your Eurovision weekend? To everyone in Europe anyway…and Australia because that’s still a thing going on with Eurovision…to be expected, there was a lot of controversy, Ireland didn’t get through and there was a lot of weird and/or bad songs but hey, all worth it for Iceland’s performance and…… Continue reading Bujo: Looking Back on Trackers


2019 Bujo – Gift Tracking

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well on this bank holiday Monday (in Ireland and the UK at least). It’s nice for spring to be here and turning to summer – I’m enjoying the long days and (sometimes) warmth – but that also means that I am suffering from hay fever and allergies…… Continue reading 2019 Bujo – Gift Tracking


From Diaries to Bullet Journaling

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. For those who’ve been reading my blog for a few years now, you know that I’ve been through a good number of planners over the last five years and I’ve tried a number of different styles of planning.      I think working your way through…… Continue reading From Diaries to Bullet Journaling

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April 2019 Weekly Bujo Spreads

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. It’s April’s weekly bujo spreads time though I’ve not got all my weekly spreads in this post as you’ll see. I did have my months worth of weekly spreads done but then one of my spreads got co opted for something else.      First up,…… Continue reading April 2019 Weekly Bujo Spreads


2019 Bujo – Weight Tracking

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.      Get ready now, the bujo page for this week is…a weight tracking page. Okay, weight tracking isn’t the most exciting topic and if you’re like me it’s a little depressing (damn you graph for keeping going in the wrong direction!) but it is a…… Continue reading 2019 Bujo – Weight Tracking