Snail Mail

August and September 2020 – Incoming Snail Mail

      Hello everyone, how are you this mid-week day?      I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a snail mail post. It’s not that I’ve not gotten any mail, I have – albeit not a lot because I’d not sent out anything really since the pandemic started – I…… Continue reading August and September 2020 – Incoming Snail Mail

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Sloth Planner Anonymous Kit

     Hello everyone. Hope you’re doing well.      I recently got a lovely surprise in the post from my wonderful friend Emma in the UK (SoggyMuse) for my birthday – a Planner Anonymous kit! I’ve never gotten a planner kit like this before and it’s been super fun playing with it, I mean,…… Continue reading Sloth Planner Anonymous Kit

Everything Else

A 2020 Birthday

     Hello everyone, how are you doing? Hope you’re well.      Some of you may know but it was my birthday this week (Tuesday to be precise). Having a birthday in 2020 is certainly strange, isn’t it? I never do much for my birthday anyway other than hang out at home and sometime…… Continue reading A 2020 Birthday


October 2020 Monthly Bujo Pages

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.      I managed to get my October pages finished just in time for me to actually use them! I didn’t realise the end of the month was coming up so soon – I did spend the last week or so of the month sitting at a…… Continue reading October 2020 Monthly Bujo Pages

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September 2020 – Weekly Bujo Spreads

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well.      Quick post today to show you my weekly spreads from September.      All my spreads were pretty simple. They’re just my standard layouts but utilising the colour theme I used for my monthly spread (a very dark green/black because clearly I was feeling quite moody…… Continue reading September 2020 – Weekly Bujo Spreads