Crochet Society Box 16 Unboxing (September 2020)

     Hello everyone, I hope you’re well and ready for an unboxing post. I got another Crochet Society box last week and I’m very excited about this one.      Of the 16 Crochet Society boxes released, I’ve gotten 10 of them so I feel I have a good idea of what to expect…… Continue reading Crochet Society Box 16 Unboxing (September 2020)

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Trying to Design a Crochet Square

     Hello everyone, how are you doing?      So, quick enough post today. I mentioned in my advent blanket post that I was thinking of trying to design a crochet square that I could use to add to my advent blanket. I gave designing a go and this is what I ended up…… Continue reading Trying to Design a Crochet Square

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Crochet Bag Experiment

     Hello everyone, how are you doing?      So, I had a lot of fun making this project which came about quite unplanned. While I was crocheting the hat using leftover advent yarn, I had a thought that the stitch could be quite nice for a bag…so I put the hat down and…… Continue reading Crochet Bag Experiment

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Year of Blankets – August Update

     Hello everyone, how are you?      I have a blanket update for you as part of my year of blankets…year…even though I’ve only finished two blankets this year so it’s not exactly chock full of blankets…      Anyway, I posted this to my Instagram at the end of July:  …… Continue reading Year of Blankets – August Update

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Scrap Blankets

     Hello everyone, how are you.      I mentioned in a previous blanket update post that I had finished a scrap blanket and started another so this is just a quick post to show you said scrap blanket.      It’s not exactly a pretty blanket but those are my scraps. So this…… Continue reading Scrap Blankets