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Lucy the Hare Amigurumi

     Very quick post today to show off some very recent makes requested by my sister – I made some hares from the Edwards Menagerie book, very quick and simple makes. I made these ones using some aran weight white acrylic yarns I had lying around.      Thanks to the overblown brightness of…… Continue reading Lucy the Hare Amigurumi

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4 Years in the Making: My Natural Dye Advent Blanket

     Hello my lovely readers! How’s it going?      As the title of this post suggests, I have, after many many years, finished my crochet advent calendar blanket!      It’s been on the WIP list for quite a while. I started making this thing back in 2020 using the first yarn advent…… Continue reading 4 Years in the Making: My Natural Dye Advent Blanket

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Christmas Makes 2022 – Yes I’m posting this in March

     Just a very quick post today because I found a few more makes from last year to post – Christmas makes! Who doesn’t love Christmas makes in March!      I got the Hobbii crochet advent boxes for Christmas so a lot of the makes I got done in December were makes from…… Continue reading Christmas Makes 2022 – Yes I’m posting this in March

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Amigurumi Crochet – Ada Lamb

     Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re doing well – how’s your week been?      All my knitting and crochet posts so far this year have been about various things I made last year but I have actually managed to get around to finishing a project this year and here it is, a…… Continue reading Amigurumi Crochet – Ada Lamb

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More Miscellaneous Makes from 2022

     Hello again! So last week I mentioned having a few more miscellaneous makes from 2022 that I just had to find the pictures of and good news, I found them so here they are!      So I made some new hot water bottle covers as the ones I made early on in…… Continue reading More Miscellaneous Makes from 2022