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Oh No! Stamp Price Increase!

     Bad news everyone!      Well, it doesn’t actually impact my blog readers as I don’t think I have many Irish followers who are also snail mail enthusiasts (although if you are one, let me know!), but I am an Irish girl who loves sending mail so this impacts me – An Post…… Continue reading Oh No! Stamp Price Increase!

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March 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Hey everyone!      I have some of my outgoing mail from March to show you today. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much that I actually sent out in March because I was a bit lazy with my snail mail! There’s also one or two things that I sent out but forgot to…… Continue reading March 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

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March 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?      It’s the first Wednesday of the month so as always, it’s time to take a look at some of my incoming mail for the month!       Where to start…how about with this first photo featuring Italy and Germany?      I love this musical…… Continue reading March 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

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Tracking My Snail Mail

     Hey everyone, I thought that for today’s blog post I’d combine two of my loves: planners and snail mail.      It was a while back (so forgive me for not remembering who it was who suggested this topic), but one of my blog readers asked me to write about how I tracking…… Continue reading Tracking My Snail Mail

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February 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Okay guys, February was a really good month for my outgoing snail mail! I emptied my pen pal mail pile (I did get two new letters from pen pals on the 28th but that was the last day of the month so doesn’t really count!), send out two cards for postcrossing and even…… Continue reading February 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

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February 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone – did you know we’re one sixth of the way through 2017 already? That’s 16.66% for those of you who prefer percentages to fractions. Where is this year going? I need to speed up my pace for getting things done and knock one or two things off my goals list for the…… Continue reading February 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

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Yet More Colouring Book Pages Turned into Envelopes

     Hey, guess what – I’ve been making some envelopes recently. What have I been making them from, you wonder? Colouring books of course!      My sister got me a nice, large colouring book for Christmas specifically for the purpose of making envelopes and I’ve finally gotten around to turning a few into…… Continue reading Yet More Colouring Book Pages Turned into Envelopes