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August and September 2020 – Incoming Snail Mail

      Hello everyone, how are you this mid-week day?      I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a snail mail post. It’s not that I’ve not gotten any mail, I have – albeit not a lot because I’d not sent out anything really since the pandemic started – I…… Continue reading August and September 2020 – Incoming Snail Mail

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Sloth Planner Anonymous Kit

     Hello everyone. Hope you’re doing well.      I recently got a lovely surprise in the post from my wonderful friend Emma in the UK (SoggyMuse) for my birthday – a Planner Anonymous kit! I’ve never gotten a planner kit like this before and it’s been super fun playing with it, I mean,…… Continue reading Sloth Planner Anonymous Kit

Snail Mail

Outgoing Snail Mail: June 2020

     Hello everyone. Today will be a very short post indeed because I’m meant to be showing all of my outgoing mail from June…all one single piece of mail…yup. I was slacking last month. The only piece of mail I sent was this envelope with some mini skeins of yarn to a pen pal…… Continue reading Outgoing Snail Mail: June 2020

Snail Mail

Incoming Snail Mail: June 2020

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well.      Very quick post today just to show my incoming mail from last month and say thank you to my pen pals and others who continue send me mail despite me being awful lately at sending it myself (which you’ll see when I get around to writing…… Continue reading Incoming Snail Mail: June 2020

Snail Mail

May 2020 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Hello everyone, how are you doing?      I’m a bit tired and don’t feel like writing a whole lot right now (unusual for me, I know), but hopefully the visuals will be enough to carry this post and seeing some happy mail might encourage you to send some cheery mail yourself.  …… Continue reading May 2020 – Outgoing Snail Mail