Snail Mail

December 2018 – Outgoing Mail

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.      It feels like forever since I’ve done an outgoing mail post – I know I posted about my Christmas mail last month but I didn’t show the insides of anything, just the envelopes. Now that I know things have arrived though, it’s safe to…… Continue reading December 2018 – Outgoing Mail


January 2019 – Monthly Bujo Pages

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.      So I started a new planner this year and even though I said I wanted to keep this planner pretty simple and minimalistic, it didn’t take me too long to stray from that path. Maybe I went a bit overboard with my January monthly…… Continue reading January 2019 – Monthly Bujo Pages

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Amigurumi Time – Pigs and Sheep

     It’s amigurumi time again!      As if I didn’t have enough of my own things to make for Christmas, my aunt asked me if I could make two teddies that she could give to her two youngest grandchildren (they’re both around two years old). Of course I said yes (what’s two more…… Continue reading Amigurumi Time – Pigs and Sheep

Crafts · Paper Crafts

Quick Craft – Activity Cards

     Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well.      I have a pretty simple and quick craft to show you today, it’s something I made before Christmas at the request of my dad. He had the idea that rather than get my mom some random stuff for Christmas, he’d compile a list of things…… Continue reading Quick Craft – Activity Cards


2019 Bujo – An Introduction

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.      It’s time for my first planner post of the year and you read that title right by the way – it is new planner time. Seems like it’s come too quickly but it is time for a new Leuchtturm. Actually, I…… Continue reading 2019 Bujo – An Introduction

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Amigurumi Time – Black Lab

     Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well! A while back I mentioned possibly missing a few blog posts because I was super busy making stuff but couldn’t show what I was making as everything was for Christmas presents. Well, now that the new year is here I can finally start posting everything I…… Continue reading Amigurumi Time – Black Lab

Snail Mail

December 2018 – Incoming Mail

     Hey everyone, Happy New Year (again but this time actually in the new year)! Hope you’re all doing well.      It’s the first Wednesday of the month so that typically means I look back at my incoming snail mail from the previous month but I’m not gonna lie, with the previous month…… Continue reading December 2018 – Incoming Mail