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Hand Painted Birthday Cards

     Hello lovely readers – just have a quick post for you today to show off some cards I made recently for all the birthdays that happen in October.      I left it a bit last minute to make a birthday card for my dad and for all the friends birthdays I have…… Continue reading Hand Painted Birthday Cards


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Crocheting Llamas (again)

     It’s llama time again! I’ve crocheted one of these llamas before, a good few years ago now, to send off to a friend in New Zealand and I recently found myself crocheting some more, this time to send off a to a friend in Japan. I really like this crochet pattern and how…… Continue reading Crocheting Llamas (again)

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Halloween Crochet

     Hello love readers, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the season.     Speaking of which, this is going to be a multiple make post. I’d love to be able to dedicate individual posts to some of these makes but theme wise I’ve run out of time before Halloween to post all these…… Continue reading Halloween Crochet

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Getting Winter Ready – Making a Ruana Cloak

     Hello lovely readers, how are you doing today? Hope you’re well.      Today’s mostly a picture heavy post as I don’t have tons to say about this make, at least on the how to front (if you’re interested in that, I recommend checking out this page with information on ruana cloaks and…… Continue reading Getting Winter Ready – Making a Ruana Cloak


Planner Prepping for 2023

     Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re doing well.      It’s that time of the year again – time to start thinking about the next year and plan your planner time! This year has been my first year using a Hobonichi and while it’s not gone fully to plan, and they’re are a…… Continue reading Planner Prepping for 2023