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Random Crocheted Hats

     Hello everyone, how are this Monday morning/afternoon/evening or whenever you’re reading this? I hope you’re doing well.      I don’t have much new in terms of finished crocheted objects to show you but I was tidying up my box of handmade stuff recently and realised I had a few small items I…… Continue reading Random Crocheted Hats


Bujo Pages: Monthly Spending

     Hello everyone, how are you today?       May I present this weeks bujo spread, my monthly spending page!     It’s the page I use to track my spending on entertainment things such as books, games and yarn so that I can completely ignore the spending limits I’ve given myself!  …… Continue reading Bujo Pages: Monthly Spending

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Watercolour Painted Cards

     Hello everyone! A picture heavy and short on words post today. I’ve been feeling very uninspired with card making lately but a few situations arose recently where people asked for cards (and were paying for them so I did feel like I should make some). Knowing my struggles with papercrafting and my desire…… Continue reading Watercolour Painted Cards

Crafts · Mini Painting

Mini Painting: Quick Storage Solution

     Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well today. I Just a quick post for you today dealing with some quick storage solutions for minis as I found myself in need of some way of storing finished minis.      Step 1: find a box lying around. I opted for this Critical Role jigsaw box.…… Continue reading Mini Painting: Quick Storage Solution


Bujo Pages: Craft Goals

     Hello everyone! How’s it going?      So, the last yearly pages I showed were the last of the pages I drew at the start of the year when I was setting up my planner. I went through January and decided to add some more pages so these yearly pages now sit between…… Continue reading Bujo Pages: Craft Goals