2017 Reading Tracking

     So, one of my goals for 2017 is to read at least 26 books – that’s one book every two weeks so nothing too tricky! At the start of the year, I made a list of 26 books to read. Of course, I’m not limiting myself to just these books – I’ve already…… Continue reading 2017 Reading Tracking

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Card Making: New Baby Cards

         Back in January I decided to treat myself to some craft supplies and I came across a web store called Seven Hills Crafts. Well, let me tell you – I fell in love! It’s a UK-based store but it imports all the American brand crafts supplies. It’s great because most of the…… Continue reading Card Making: New Baby Cards

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Mystery Blogger Award + Ask Me Anything!

     Hey everyone, I have a bit of a different kind of blog post for you today. Typically, I reserve Wednesdays for snail mail related posts such as my incoming and outgoing mail but I had to fit this post in somewhere and as I’m low on snail mail topics at the moment, Wednesday…… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award + Ask Me Anything!

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Personal Filofax Planner Weekly Spreads

      Just a short post today for you featuring the last fortnight of planner spreads.      First up, the week of March 6th – 12th:      I finished off this sticker kit I had of green, pink, yellow and grey – some nice spring colours!      And this was my…… Continue reading Personal Filofax Planner Weekly Spreads

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Card Making: Love and Valentine’s

     So I made some cards for Valentine’s Day.      Yes, I know that was last month. I did actually make them then, I swear, I’m just only getting around to writing a blog post about them now!      Also, I know that it is St. Patrick’s Day today and I am…… Continue reading Card Making: Love and Valentine’s

Crafts · Paper Crafts

1 World Heritage Magazine – 23 Envelopes

     I have a huge batch of envelopes to show you today – 23 to give a specific number – all made from one magazine!      I subscribed to the World Heritage magazine back when I started doing the master’s degree (which I then dropped out from). The magazine comes every few months…… Continue reading 1 World Heritage Magazine – 23 Envelopes


February in my A5 Planner

      Taking a bit of a break from Geo, my personal planner, it’s time to peak at my monthly spread for February in my A5 planner.      I always start with a title page for the month because that way I can have the monthly view section all on one page without the…… Continue reading February in my A5 Planner