Crochet Society Box 14 – Unboxing

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well and if you’re not, I hope this down period doesn’t linger too long for you.      As you know, I recently resubscribed to the Crochet Society box because I have poor restraint and spend too much money when I’m feeling down. The bright side of that…… Continue reading Crochet Society Box 14 – Unboxing


Stationery Wishlist

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well.      Today I decided to write a post to justify the time I’ve spent browsing stationery online that I don’t need but nevertheless want.      It’s mostly notebooks…I just want a lot of notebooks…      Turns out there’s a lot of Filofax…… Continue reading Stationery Wishlist

Crafts · Knitting and Crochet

Scrap Blankets

     Hello everyone, how are you.      I mentioned in a previous blanket update post that I had finished a scrap blanket and started another so this is just a quick post to show you said scrap blanket.      It’s not exactly a pretty blanket but those are my scraps. So this…… Continue reading Scrap Blankets

Crafts · Knitting and Crochet

Knit and Crochet Hats (leftover advent yarn hats)

     Hello everyone, how are you?      If you recall my advent yarn blanket that I finished last month, I mentioned having yarn left over from each mini skein. When added together, it ended up being quite a bit of yarn – around 150g I think! What I did was join all the…… Continue reading Knit and Crochet Hats (leftover advent yarn hats)


August 2020 – Monthly Bujo Spreads

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well.      I feel like my bujo posts have gotten very predictable lately with me showing a very basic spread and saying that I couldn’t be arsed doing anything else but that all changes this month! I got myself a new set of gouache paints…… Continue reading August 2020 – Monthly Bujo Spreads