March and April 2022 Planner Pages

     Hello lovely readers, how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.      Apologies for being so inconsistent with my blogging recently – I’ve been  struggling to motivate myself to write blog posts lately so I’ve kinda thrown my regular schedule out the window and just been skipping weeks because I couldn’t be bothered…… Continue reading March and April 2022 Planner Pages

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Crochet and Cross Stitch for Easter

     I got some more crochet for you today!      This is a bunny that I crocheted for my neighbours baby for Easter.      If you’re curious, I used a Lalylala pattern (you can find them on Etsy or Ravelry). I got the bear pattern but then there’s a free update you…… Continue reading Crochet and Cross Stitch for Easter

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Crochet Bag (I even lined it!)

     Been a while since I posted – took a few weeks break there entirely unplanned just because I couldn’t be bothered writing anything – but I’m back today because I do actually have some things I’ve made that I’d like to show off!      Like this bag that I crocheted for my…… Continue reading Crochet Bag (I even lined it!)

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Some crochet for friends

     Hello lovely readers.      Just a quick post today as I need to get this written quickly! I have some random crochet pieces I made for friends back in February that are finally reaching their destinations so I can show them here now.      First up are these guys I made…… Continue reading Some crochet for friends

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Yarn Organisation

     I’ve done some yarn storage and organisation posts on the blog before so some long term readers may remember what my yarn storage situation is like. Basically, I limited myself to two drawers for my yarn and…well, that was it – there was sort of a divide of hand dyed and wool yarns…… Continue reading Yarn Organisation