Crochet Society Box 18 Unboxing

     Hello everyone, how are you doing? Hope you’re well.      Considering I got this box back at the start of December and that it’s winter/holiday themed, an unboxing post is a little bit late. I considered not posting this at all because of the timing but it’s the last Crochet Society box…… Continue reading Crochet Society Box 18 Unboxing


2021 Bujo – Yearly Planner Pages

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.     Having shown you the planner I’m using and the cover decoration (as it stands so far), it’s time to crack it open and start showing you all the pages inside. As usual, I tend to show you a miscellaneous planner spread once a month in…… Continue reading 2021 Bujo – Yearly Planner Pages

Snail Mail

Incoming Snail Mail – December 2020

      Hello everyone, how are you?      Before I get distracted and ramble on about other stuff…      Thank you to everyone who sent me christmas cards last month! It was lovely to see them all lined up along my chest of drawers! It was a month of happy mail indeed…… Continue reading Incoming Snail Mail – December 2020


My Planner Sticker Stash

     Hello everyone – hope you’re doing well.      Back in my Filofax planner days I was a huge sticker lover – I had a great planner sticker stash because I absolutely covered my spreads using sticker kits. It was a lot of fun but admittedly, quite expensive in the long run. When…… Continue reading My Planner Sticker Stash


2021 Planner – All The Stickers!

     New planner, new look!      Well, last week I showed you the notebook I’m using for my 2021 bullet journal which is a simple, black Moleskine journal. But a simple, black Moleskine is a bit boring…so I’m covering it in stickers!      This is my plan for 2021 – cover my…… Continue reading 2021 Planner – All The Stickers!