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January 2018 – Incoming Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I have a few pieces of incoming mail to show you today – only a few pieces though. January has been light on the incoming mail (that I didn’t pay for that is). That’s my own fault for falling so far behind in replying to letters though. You can’t get nice mail if you don’t send any!

     I only got a few pieces of mail, however, that doesn’t mean the mail I got is any less lovely. It’s quality, not quantity that matters after all. First up are these stickers and card that I got from Crafty Molly from Instagram as a thank you for the Christmas crafting goodies I sent out in December when I was doing a craft room destash.

     The stickers are all so cute, especially the whales!

     Next up was a belated Christmas card from Keely (not complaining, I love belated +Christmas cards because the fun of Christmas mail is extended!) that also had a lovely set of notecards accompanying it.

     I do love the simple typography on the notecards combined with the floral images.

     Finally, I got this colourful set of mail from Bridget over in America with a much appreciated tea to drink while reading the letter!

     And that’s that for my incoming mail from January!

    Okay, this was some incoming mail that I bought and I normally don’t show these things off but I feel this one is worth showing you guys. How cute is this tee?

     But okay, I’ll finish this post up for real now with the usual question of which stamp is your favourite?

     There aren’t many to choose from but it’s a staple question of my snail mail posts at this stage!


5 thoughts on “January 2018 – Incoming Mail

    1. I did get some good things so I really should get to replying! I’m waiting for the inspiration to strike me…maybe that’s today because the weather is different – it snowed this morning! Not much but it’s still much nicer than rain xD


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