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Feeling Blue and Yellow – a Birthday Card and a Congratulations Card

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     I have two cards to show you today, a birthday card and a congratulations card, that I made during one of my day long card making sessions in the craft room. To be honest, I’m not feeling either of these cards too much but we can’t love every card we make and sometimes we just have to get a card made and sent out the door so there’s no time to revisit it. Such was the case with this blue birthday card I made.

     A lot of things went wrong with this card. I have this large set of stamps with squares, circles and triangles in different styles and I thought it would be cool to try make my own geometric based pattern with them. I wanted it in grey so I used my distress oxide ink because that was the only suitable grey I had but the ink was very juicy on the stamps and also, the stamps seemed very poor quality because they just squished so easily with very little pressure. The ink and stamp quality meant none of my images were crisp. I used distress oxide ink for the sentiment as well. That one worked better (better quality stamp) but still not very crisp.

     For the background, I roughly blended the blue and grey inks together to make my own coloured paper. I wanted to get the cool splattered looked you get when you add water droplets to distress oxide inks, leaving them for a few minutes before lifting the water with a paper towel so the colour underneath where the drops were is lighter. However, the spray bottle I have just covers the entire sheet in a fine mist and when I try to drop water on it myself, I just get splotches that are much bigger than I prefer. Oh well, I needed to make a card with what I had.

     I laid the distress oxide coloured paper onto a blue pastel card base, put the failed pattern paper on top of that and finally used some foam tape for the sentiment. It really just wasn’t working though. Nothing seemed to be sitting nicely with anything else so in desperation, I grabbed a black marker and just started outlining the different elements and I do think that worked. It’s still not a great card but I really think the outlines helped tie it all together somehow. What do you think?

     Onto the second card. With this one, I was trying to make a congratulations card for a new baby to go with a yellow pom pom blanket I had knitted.

     I was really enjoying the tall card bases I have so I went with that shape and chose to cut a strip off the front similar to what I had done with other tall cards. I used an uneven yellow stripe paper for the front of the card with a thin strip of yellow washi tape along the side and a wide strip of wood pattern washi tape on the inside of the card. I think the wood looks nice with the yellow.

     I got a bit stuck with the sentiment though. I really wanted to use this piece that said ‘you can never have too much happy’ but I wasn’t sure how to fit it on the card. I decided to use some grey paper with ‘congratulations’ written all over it to make a banner I could place the sentiment on but I just don’t think it works. Maybe I should have gone with a wood pattern paper to ground the sentiment but I didn’t think of that at the time.

     Oh well!

    If you’re curious, here are the paper packs that the paper used in the above cards came from:

     What do you think of the cards I made and how I tried to salvage them? It’s always a bit annoying when a card doesn’t go how you imagined it to go but sometimes it’s not until you actually start playing with your supplies that you realise things like the two yellow papers you had in mind are actually quite different shades of yellow!


16 thoughts on “Feeling Blue and Yellow – a Birthday Card and a Congratulations Card

  1. I think both cards look great! I actually like the way the blue/grey one came out. With the distressed background, I think the sort of fuzzy way the stamps came out actually works nicely. It has a kind of rugged, rustic sort of vibe to it. I understand it doesn’t look the way you wanted, but I think you at least made your setbacks work for it.

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    1. Thanks! People seem to actually like the blue/grey card, maybe I need to feel less negative about it 🙂 Still, wish that stamp set had been better quality and easier to get clear impressions with – I’ve been having a hard time lately finding good quality stamps!

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  2. The yellow baby card is quite cute. It is always nice to see baby cards that are not in blue or pink 🙂
    It is also true that some times art and craft projects don’t translate exactly as envisioned from brain to actual finish.

    The first card actually works alright. It is a great card to give to office colleagues or even a boss – neutral tones work well in that setting. If you ever make a series of cards for the workplace, this is a pattern you could repeat. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m not very fond of just making baby cards in pink or blue – it can be very limiting! I like using yellow instead for baby cards, it’s a nice alternative.


  3. I actually love the blue card. It’s a nice neutral card that would be nice for a man. It’s subtle and almost has an industrial look to it. Sometimes, we envision one thing and the end result is altogether different and that’s ok. ☺️

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  4. Emma, I have this struggle with my paintings all the time! I have a vision for how it will look finished, but sometimes, that is not going to happen no matter how much I fight with it. I am trying to loosen up and let the art do what it wants.
    I think both cards look fine, although I understand why you don’t like the blue on. I really hate it when art supplies don’t cooperate.
    The yellow card is quite nice though, and has a strong composition. I think all of the papers work well together. Maybe you are too close to it and will like it better when you look back on this post in the future.

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    1. It’s so annoying when things don’t work out like how we imagine them to go, isn’t it. I guess we all need to work harder at just going with the flow because sometimes arts and crafts just want to do their own thing 😀
      I don’t think I’ll ever be really happy with these cards but I think that just comes down to the fact that I made them so I know they didn’t go as planned but to others, they just see a nice card and not a card that didn’t turn out how it was meant to. I guess that’s just what comes with being a creator of any sort – you always know what’s gone into what you make and then it can be hard seeing it any other way.

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