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Card Making: Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries

     Right, I have a pile of cards to get through in today’s post so I’ll do my best to keep the rambling to a minimum. Over the last few months, my sister and my mom have needed a couple of wedding, engagement and anniversary cards. Of course, each time they only needed one but when I sit down to make a card, I tend to end up making a few with similar looks as I mix and match different things because I tend not to start with a plan.

     For a lot of the cards I’m showing you today, I used the same paper pack which was just a 6×6 paper pack I got for €1.50 in Dealz, one of those euro stores we have here in Limerick. It’s a great pack for these kinds of cards.

     I’d only recently gotten my die-cutting machine when I made some of these so that’s why die-cut circles feature heavily! I also had a lot of fun decorating the envelopes. I think these kinds of cards tend to be something you hand over to people rather than post so you can do a lot more with the envelope. Why leave it plain when you can make it match the card and really stand out from the crown?

Photo - Wedding Cards (5)

     Circles, doilies and pretty pink – that kinda sums up these cards. I really like using the doilies against the softer pinks, I think they pair nicely together. As you can see, I die-cut the circles from a sheet of card but I didn’t let that card go to waste. Using the card you cut the shapes from can create some nice effects. Oh yes, the sentiments you see in these cards are all from the Papermania Wedding Ever After range. I think that’s what’s it’s called anyway.

     For all these cards, I stamped a message that says ‘Everything is better with love and laughter’ on the inside. It wasn’t necessary but I just really like the stamp and wanted to use it!

Photo - Wedding Cards (2)

     Now, onto the next few sets I did (by the way, look at how little rambling I’m doing, I’m proud of myself!). I must apologies for the not so great quality of the next few photos. I packaged them away to keep them safe but only after I sealed the plastic bags did I realised I hadn’t photographed them! Well, at least the plastic to clear.

     These cards came out of trying to make really, really simple cards to give to someone on getting engaged. As you see for the first card, it’s just a strip of ribbon, a die cut shape on top of that with two smaller circles on top of that. To add some dimension, I used some foam dots to stick the two hears and the sentiment down. It’s a very simple and quick to make card but I quite like it. The second one is very similar, just no hearts as the sentiment was bigger. (On a side note, I did actually struggle to make these cards because I had a severe lack of sentiments that said congratulations – why is it I’m always short of what I need? I should just start making thank you cards instead, I have loads of thank you sentiments…).

     This next card is one of my favourites. I spotted the idea on pinterest a while back and it’s so simple! I just punched a lot of hears out of three different papers using my heart punch and laid them out in lines, leaving space for the sentiment. I didn’t quite get the lines straight in this card but I still like it – definitely going to make some more of this card.

Photo - Congratulations Cards (3)

     This next one is another idea I spotted on pinterest, using the doily and washi tapes. Rather than cut out hearts I used some wooden hearts which I painted pink using some watercolours. I absolutely love using wood embellishments on my cards, especially these hearts because they’re so cute. I didn’t stick any sentiment on the card (partially because I ran out) but it would be a great Valentine’s Day card.

Photo - Valentines Card

     Right, I’m onto the last card to show you today. This card was made similarly to the one above except with a gold theme instead of red. Also, I ran out of the smaller wooden hearts so I had to use a bigger one which had a hole in to put string through to hang it, so I ended up using the ‘on your anniversary’ sentiment to cover that up. You gotta make do with what you have!

Photo - Anniversary Card

    And we’re done.

    Are we done?

    Yes, yes we’re done with the wedding, engagement and anniversary (and one Valentines’s Day) cards. That was a lot to get through! I enjoyed making these cards but now that I’m stocked up, hopefully I won’t need any more for a while and I can move onto other types of cards…I could do with more birthday cards, maybe I’ll move onto those next…or Christmas cards. Is it too early for them? I kinda have a shit ton of them to make this year!


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    1. Haha, well, you’re a person living in Ireland and you blog, that equals an Irish blogger! xD Maybe we need to start looking under rocks for the bloggers, could that be where they’re hiding? 😀


    1. I never thought of thought but you’re right, it would make a cute Christmas card as well! And you know what, I actually do have some small Christmas punches of snowflakes, Christmas hats and trees – I’m going to have to try that out. Thanks for the idea!


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