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Cardmaking – Birthday Cards from Scraps

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well today. It’s not been too long since the St. Patrick’s Day card post but I really haven’t had many card making posts at all this year, have I? I do need to start making cards more regularly.

     Well, anyway, if you haven’t guessed already I have some cards to show you today.

     I had a number of birthdays to catch up on over February and April so my card making day in the craft room had to accommodate that. After brainstorming some ideas, I settled on some cards that would use up a bunch of the scraps I had left from making the activity cards back in December.

     I mixed and matched the pieces of card to make stripes and rather than stamping a sentiment (because there’s a lot of going on in the patterns), I die-cut the word ‘happy’ to draw the eye to the word ‘birthday’ stamped below it on a small white banner.

     That was it for most of the cards although I did make one different one with a generic ‘celebrate’ sentiment and this die-cut image as the colours in the image matched the papers so well.

   They’re simple cards but it was very satisfying being able to use up pretty much all of the scrap card from a previous craft as the colours and patterns are so pretty I really didn’t want to waste them.


10 thoughts on “Cardmaking – Birthday Cards from Scraps

    1. One of my favourite paper packs that was so I was determined not to let all those strips of card go to waste – very happy to use them!
      Love using scraps of yarn too – I’ve got two balls of yarn in my stash at the moment that I’ve made from joining all the leftover scraps together, just waiting for a project that’ll work nicely with my ball of random colours 😀

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